Write and Keep it simple

Below is one of my favorite quotes by J. Michael Straczynski. And to add to the quote EB White said, if there is a simple way and a complex way to say something, go with the simple. Decide for yourself.

"The more important the emotion is, the fewer words required to express it.
"Will you go out with me?
"I think I like you.
"I care for you.
"I love you.
"Marry me.

--writer J. Michael Straczynski

This morning I'm thinking about my new story. Yesterday was a good writing day. My characters Daisy, age 8, her adopted brother Jack, 5, her mother Lily, and old Frank Stutler are packed into Frank's 1985 Ford station wagon heading South to Florida. They're in snowy Beckley getting gas at a station near the Tamarack. Daisy wants to stop at the Tamarack but Lily has a reason to put miles quickly between herself and the small town in WV that they just left. Lily and Frank have no idea that Daisy has stowed away another passenger. Old Frank is unhappy as it is - he paid Lily to drive him to his FLorida home where he can hopefully die in peace in the sunshine, and the trip has become a nightmare with Daisy's endless chatter.
That's it for today folks. R has an appt in town and I'm the designated driver.
Be well. Stay warm and talk to you tomorrow. Blessings to you and yours.


  1. This is a great story, Barb. I love the premise and the story being told from the child's POV. Most of all, I can tell you are enjoying every sentence, every piece of dialogue, all the ups and downs a story needs to be something special.

  2. Thanks, Sher. I read over what I sent yesterday and of course in my grand excitement I didn't see the many mistakes, typos. Love you for being you and not pointing them out - yet. I'm in that newborn stage of creation. I do love the story.


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