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Holiday Clean-up: A Poem

with apologies to Dr. Seuss
Cleaning up after the holiday Isn’t quite as much fun, As on the day When the decorations were strung. 
There was my family, all spruced, in the den, With an eggnog toast, and a cheer, “Let’s begin.” We set about bedecking every pillar and post, Window and mantle -  With ribbon, wreath, Santa, and candle.
By the end of the evening The tree was aglitter. The windows were glowing WIth the candlesticks flicker.
The children were happy  Mom and Pop, too. To think we did all this. You! You! and you!
But, then, the week after Rolled quickly ‘round. No time to un-trim. We headed to town.
To return all our presents. To see a quick show. What? It’s the first of January The trimming must go.
Undo each ribbon. Undo each bow. Untie the wreaths Get that tree in tow. It’s out to the trash bin Arms loaded, we go.
Away go the boxes. The cards and the letters. Out comes our list of “Things to do better.” Resolutions. Affirmations. Declarations. Proclamations.
Where’s that old diet? By jiminy, we’ll try it! It’s…

Christmas photos and newsletter Dec. 2015

Merry Christmas!
My tree - 2015

The is the newsletter I sent to family and friends this year. Hope you enjoy reading what's going on with my life as I consider all who read my blog friends!
God bless you this holiday season.

Christmas Cookies With decorating help from the kiddies
Hello Folks:
It’s been a few years since I’ve written. I hope everyone is well. It’s hard to believe 2016 is around the corner. I’m excited our family will be coming here for Christmas. I’m ready - just last minute cards to do and some presents to wrap.

Ray’s been gone for two years and I’ve experienced many adjustments and changes. I miss him terribly but realized after he was gone how very ill he was the last two years. My own health has improved greatly in the last year. Caregiving isn’t an easy job. I moved to a condo in last year. I’ve reunited with friends and my church. I’m in a women’s Bible study group and a writing group. I still attend Hocking Hills writer’s group monthly, my forever buddies.

A few of ou…

Pearl Harbor: My Visit

Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Dec. 7, 1941: The memories sear, the blame washes away
"War! Oahu Bombed By Japanese Planes." A few summers ago at Pearl Harbor, I read the shocking headlines from a copy of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, dated Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941. I was waiting in line to board a tour boat to go to the USS Arizona Memorial. Finally, moving toward an empty boat, I noted that most of the people on the crowded platform were Japanese. On the short ride across the harbor, I listened to a guide describe the events of that fateful day. As the small boat approached the white concrete building, the guide concluded, "The battleship Arizona still rests at the bottom of the harbor in 38 feet of water just eight feet below the water's surface. The memorial is an enclosed bridge that spans the sunken hull, but touches no part of the ship itself. Oil will continue to seep from the battleship for many more years." When I stepped off the tour boat, I saw the American flag fl…