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I had such high aspirations for June. I was going to visit with Jill and her family while they were here.

I was going to soak up some sunshine as it had been a depressing dreary winter here in Ohio.

I was going to get a real sun tan. None of that bottle stuff for me!

I was going to get my next book, a book of short stories titled EZRA AND OTHER STORIES, copyrighted and formatted for Kindle. My grandson Daniel has agreed to convert it from text to 
 epub form.

I planned to get back on track after health issues had been somewhat resolved. My pancreas block was a success.

I was going to sell paperbacks at several venues and do some book signings.

I decided June was the month to get it all together since Ray's back surgery had taken up the months of March, April, and May. He ended up having two surgeries and a wound pump that seemed to be on forever. I can report that the wound is 98% healed and we are two happy people. He had the wound and I had to wear a nursing cap.UGH.

So today I stare…