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A few Christmas Memories...

Losing Raymond recently has made me sit back and reflect on years gone by. I cannot adequately capture the best moments in photos but these are a few that meant something to both of us. And, they were the ones that were easy to find.

This photo was taken around 1957. My sister Sue looking adoringly at her favorite guy, James Browning "Brownie" Hoffman. Me with the monkey named Mr. Jiggs. Pretty sure I decorated the tree. Draw  your own conclusions as to my talents in that area. Writing on photos! Ummm, guess who did that?

Ray coaching grandson Steve on the art of making the best sugar cookies in the world. Or in our house anyway! More happy cookie makers in our kitchen!!!
Someone wants to join in the fun!
Party animal!
Let's all take a ride.
Where are those cookies?

Anyone for Nana B's Christmas Strudel???
Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas and New Year. If not before, I'll be blogging again after Christmas! Hugs, B