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Thanks to Elizabeth, Karen, and Adrienne

Here are a few samples of reviews that people have left for my book VADA FAITH.
So appreciate each person who has taken the time to read the book and then to review it! All time consuming. Blessings to all of you!

5.0 out of 5 starsExploring the human heart, April 5, 2012 By  ElizabethAmazon Verified Purchase When her impulsive decision to become a surrogate mother turns out to be a terrible mistake, Vada Faith finds herself in the middle of a storm. No matter what she does, someone will be hurt. In her debut novel, Barbara Whittington has created an outspoken, lovable character, filled with dreams, who will make you laugh and cry. If you like books that explore the human heart, you'll love being with Vada Faith as she decides what is important in her life. I know I did. 5.0 out of 5 starsVada Faith, March 14, 2012 By  karen m -Amazon Verified Purchase I loved this book. It's easy to relate to and empathize with the well developed characters. The story "teach…

Five Star Review by Tom Donlon, West Virginia writer...

5.0 out of 5 starsEzra and Other StoriesDecember 8, 2012

Accolades again to Barbara Whittington for her ability to create stories from the small-town ordinary lives of people. Between these Ezra stories and Vada Faith, she has put Putnam County, WV on the global map.

Again, as in Vada Faith, her attention to detail pervades (and adds humor) and can be seen in some of the small-town anchors: McDonald's Big Macs, K-Mart, and the jobs people get at them after high school. The reader also observes much of the brokenness people must live with (marriages ended, parents leaving kids behind, marriages brought about by odd circumstances--like marrying to cover a potential pregnancy). I never thought a funeral parlor man would be found sexy.

Three powerful stories are the opening one ("Mabel") with the historical investigation of a life through belongings, "Delphine and Rainelle," and "Ezra." The author may have positioned them in that order for em…

Romance lives in collection of stories - Free!

Ezra and Other Stories would love to come live in your heart! Free Feb. 13, 14 for Valentine's Day.
Read about the trip Hoot and Marla take to Niagara Falls. Hoot is an Elvis look alike and sings like him too! Will he ask Marla to marry him or is he too caught up in getting to the Elvis Museum.
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Happy Heart's Day

First ever look at the romantic side of the characters in my book Ezra and Other Stories! There's a bit of romance in even the oldest character, Ezra. Happy Valentine's Day to my characters!  Check this out.

Curl up in an easy chair and enjoy the romance, suspense, and humor in this collection of short stories. Here’s just a sampling: in award winning “Mabel and the Garage Sale,” Mabel’s house rests in the path of a proposed highway. As Mabel sorts her things to move, she recalls those colorful characters who’ve passed through her life. She’s survived the Bible salesman, and “Spook” Lanham. Even her son, Jackie Lee's father! Now - a new, rich, romantic prospect shows up at her garage sale. Will she accept HIS offer?

The story, “Delphine and Rainelle,” poses the question: is a trip to Myrtle Beach enough to make up for infidelity? What about a new car? Is a family worth saving - at all costs?

Will the two women in “Joy Ruth and Minnie Hendrix” find mor…