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This short story will be included in a collection of stories due on Amazon in the next month, titled Ezra and Other Stories. Hope you enjoy! Comments appreciated. Thanks.        

                             Delphine and Rainelle

    At exactly nine every weekday morning, Delphine walks three houses down the street to Rainelle's. The scent of fresh brewed Colombian coffee greets her as she swings open the door of her friend's newly remodeled kitchen.
    Rainelle's husband, Bud, hung the new wallpaper himself. And the walnut finish cabinets. He paid an installer to lay the no wax Solarian floor. It is Morning Meadow pattern.
    The minute Rainelle mentioned having the kitchen remodeled Bud said to call J.C. Penney's and order everything. Delphine and Rainelle spent weeks picking out the stuff. Delphine feels the kitchen is almost hers.
    It was an accident, the last time Delphine's own kitchen got something new. Charlie was driving through ritzy Hunting Hills on his…