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Giving Thanks for Legs and Arms...

You're probably wondering if my heading is the title of a new story. It's not. Unfortunately it's a story that hits close to home.

My husband lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident when our middle daughter Susan was only two. She's in her forties now so that will tell you how long it's been.

Since losing his leg, and after a long recovery at the time, he's been in and out of the hospital dozens of times for a myriad of reasons, most related to the loss of his leg and that bike wreck all those years ago.

However, what I want to say has to do with giving thanks. Giving thanks for the things we have in our lives - like legs and arms and toes and fingers - and not harping on what we do not have.

I realized all over again this morning as he and I made our way to the prosthetic shop, how fortunate I am to have my arms and legs. His knee needed a repair, we thought, because it wouldn't bend anymore, but it ended up needing to be replaced. So, he had to leave …

Trouble Getting Back on Writing Track....

I just spent 15 minutes doing a yoga work out. I feel stronger, more centered, and on my way back to being healthy again.

Yet, I seem to be having trouble getting back on the writing track.

My whole life seems off kilter.

Staying in bed for a week or so with an illness must turn ones mind and body to jelly. That's exactly how I feel. Shaky and unsure of myself.

I KNOW. It doesn't take much to get me off track in the first place. But why is it so hard to get back on?

Do you have that problem? When you've been away from your work for whatever reason, away from your writing for awhile, do you feel you'll NEVER get back on track again.

For me, writing always starts with writing. I can't think about it, reason it out in my head. It never works. All that works is actually writing.

So this afternoon I'll be doing just that. I'll be writing.

Blessings! Stay well, stay focused, and write.

Stoned by a Kidney Or Birthing a Stone...

I have a kidney stone and that's why I'm not writing. Mostly I'm bending forward and moaning when I'm not taking a pain pill or an antibiotic for the infection.

This affliction hasn't hampered my reading - thank God - so I just finished reading the novel, COCKTAILS FOR THREE, by Madeleine Wickham. Very good. Pen name Sophie Kinsella who wrote the Shopaholic books.

As soon as this stoning by the kidney ceases, I'll get back to my writing. Under the influence of all this medication my dreams have certainly created some pretty weird characters. Probably best left in the closet of my mind.

I did finish the new and improved summary for HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLATE and sent it to the publisher. Will keep you posted on my new venture.

Must run- it's time for my pain pill. Tomorrow the doctor will give me the news on exactly how we are going to deliver my body of this precious "stone." Surgery, or lazer or who knows?
I'm busy now thinking of a name.
Do you ha…


My friend Liz and her husband recently stayed two nights with us while on vacation in this area. I pulled a dozen or so books from my shelves to share with Liz - who is also an avid reader and wonderful writer. (She writes as Elizabeth Vollstadt and has various books and stories in print, including YOUNG PATRIOTS: Inspiring stories of the American Revolution- which she co authored with friend, Marcella Anderson. It's for children but I love this book!)

THEN, Liz unloaded the books she'd brought to share with me. (She'd also brought a gift for me - a book, what else!)

While she was here there were books stacked on the coffee table, the end tables, the dining room table, and the kitchen bar. A few books more than my usual stash covered every available surface.

I'd catch her reading as I puttered in the kitchen, or at night we'd have tea and then she'd head off to bed with a book tucked under her arm. Early one morning I looked out and she was reading a novel i…