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The days of my life...

As the flowers in the fields grow, so grow the years, days, hours, moments of my life.

Each day I take out a day of my allotted ones on this earth. And I've already used up so many -

Uselessly, trying to get it.

But what am I trying to get?

Am I trying to get ahead?

But trying to get ahead of what?

Ahead of or outrun? I wonder.

Some of the days were filled with silt.

Others with pure gold.

Joy, laughter, fun.

Now at this time in the later days of my life,

I try to make each day I take out of my jar of days -

A day that matters.

Make this a day that matters in your life!

God bless.


Today I proofed the first 50 pages of my 300 page mainstream novel. I can't tell you how good it feels to be back working.

The other good news is, I still love this story and these characters. It's been a year since I looked at this novel seriously.

I decided to go with this project because I have two places to submit it. One publisher I found seems like a good match.  And while this book has had an agent before, I have the name of another one  that I think might be a great fit.

The main character in this novel is Vada Faith Waddell who has been unhappy for most of her life. She blames everyone besides herself for her
unhappiness. When she decides to answer a newspaper ad to be a surrogate mother for a childless couple, she sets in motion events that change her life and the lives of others in the small town of Shady Creek, West Virginia.

It's been a fun book to write and I hope it's  fun to read.

Editing and finishing should only take a few weeks. Then I can get it out…


Just to report that my nerve block for the pancreas pain went well. And I'm feeling much better. It takes a full week to feel the effects but I do already - a good sign according to the doctor.

Pictures of the pancreas showed signs FINALLY of chronic pancreas which I am not happy to have but having a diagnosis after years of pain gives me some relief and the feeling that I can develop a plan to live with this disease.

Right now I'm doing research on this so that I can eat right and do the things that will help me live a better life than I've had for a long time.

After I get my health plan in order - I'M READY TO WRITE. It's been a while and my novel is just wanting to be gone through quickly  one last time before being sent off to two places I found that might make a good fit.

Last but not least my optimism is returning. My JOY. My fight. My determination. My strength and energy.

I could not be happier on this sunny Sunday morning. Hopefully next Sunday instead of …