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Last trip to Massachusetts

Yesterday we returned from my youngest daughter Jill's in Attleboro, MA. The car trip there and back was uneventful. An 11 1/2 hr trip. Daughter, Susan, and I had lots of fun both ways. We laughed, joked, reminisced about the good and bad times of our lives. There was more good than bad. 

READ the small print.

Reently I ordered a miracle face cream for $4.95 and a serum for $3.95 online. When I clicked to order,  the terms of agreement between company and customer was written in such small print that I decided to forego reading and just clicked agree and ordered. Of course I gave my charge card number.
I tried the cream and serum upon arrival and a few days thereafter. Since I  couldn't see the expected miracle on my face and neck, I tossed the jars - which were tiny - in with dozens of other creams and potions that hadn't worked and forgot all about them.

A few weeks later, I was checking my charge account online. I nearly fell off the office chair when I saw that there were two charges --- $87.63 for each sample sized bottle. It seems I'd joined a beauty club and would be charged that amount each month.  Per our agreement.
After regaining the ability to breathe, I emailed my card company. They checked and read the agreement. It was binding. The rep agreed to call the company with …


THIS STORY IS FREE March 16 through March 20th. Here's a sampling. Hope you like enough to download from Amazon. Thanks!!! 

Dear Anne: Love Letters from Nam By Barbara A. Whittington

                        Copyright © 2014 by Barbara A. Whittington
All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be copied, scanned, or electronically transmitted without the express permission of the author. For more information, contact the author at Check the author’s blog at
This is a work of fiction. All characters and names portrayed in this story, or the depiction of locales, are used fictitiously. Any resemblance of any character or person in this story, either living or dead, is purely coincidental.  Any references to specific names are mentioned only for the sake of providing a sense of reality to the story.

Dedicated to all who served in the Vietnam War; especially to my nephew, Mike Snodgrass, and to my brother-in-law, Paul Warren, who served in t…