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Wrinkles and Babies

My husband looked at me yesterday from his easy chair and said, “You have wrinkles under your chin.” “What?” I said. Did I hear the man right? Did he say I had wrinkles under my chin? Surely not. No man in his right mind would speak those words to his wife. And most assuredly mine would not because number one he wants to live and number two he loves me too much to say something that would hurt my feelings.  I asked him to repeat his comment. OKAY. I heard him right. I jetted to the bathroom where the mirror confirmed there were wrinkles under my chin. How had I missed them?  Had I been so busy worrying about the wrinkles on my face I’d completely forgotten my neck? After all it holds up my head - one would think I would have noticed it. I was good to my neck. I smoothed wrinkle cream on it when I did my face. I used a scrub, a mask, expensive creams. And still it lets me down.

All I can think about is my neck.  Of course I’m not speaking to my husband who has assured me since yesterday that he…

Crazy Daze of Summer

Can anyone believe it’s July already? I’m in shock. After going through a busy spring and with June passing by at lightening speed, I find myself on July 5th in a daze.  Where did the days go? Each individual day. Let’s see...
As I look back I see that we did some yard work. We, as in my daughter and husband, with me thrown in occasionally - well, actually rarely. The lovely mulch went down - without me involved. I was there for a bit of the weeding. But not for the edging.
I did choose a large Boston fern for the front porch to go on the wicker table between our two white rockers. My niece informed me Boston ferns are passe, the worst for shedding. Too late. It’s there and it’s staying til it dies. Which could be any day with my black thumb!

It still pretty much looks just as it did when I bought it. I'm holding my breath.

Then, I picked out a few potted plants for the deck, all of which are already looking sad. The red geraniums that were full of blooms with bright green leaves a mo…