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From my French Doors...

I've kept myself from blogging lately because I didn't have anything uplifting to say.

However, my mind is full of emotions and feelings and words that if I don't let them out soon, I'll likely explode. Since I don't want to explode here goes.

We are still dealing with husband's health issues. Back surgery the end of March lead to another surgery to reopen the incision four weeks later due to infection.

That surgery left him with a wound vacuum which I'd never heard of nor seen. It vacuums out the wound as the wound heals from the inside out. We've had non stop problems with the vac seal.

While he was in the hospital the last time he grew quite weak and had to have some rehab in hospital before he came home. WE learned he was weak because of the strong meds and once those were withdrawn he felt quite well.

Now home we're dealing with him being plugged in to the electric for part of each day. A pain for him, for sure.

He has made several forays aroun…

Micro Wave: A story

Micro Wave

    The only time Micro ever left his house was at dusk to walk his pug dog, Dumpling. Neighbors got used to the sight of the old man and the pug, both huffing and puffing with every step, as they made their way down to the old wooden pier, jutting out into the Ohio River. Once there, the two would sit on that old pier until dark or after, catching their breath and gazing out into the dark water.
    "Didn't always have breathing problems," Micro said, "but years of chain smoking spotted my lungs. Now old Dumplin' here," he said, "well, he come to me snortin' and snuffin'. No bigger than my hand when I got him."  He studied the palms of his big calloused hands and then bent and patted the little dog.
    Back when Micro moved into the house on the lower east side, down next to the river, he said his name was Micro Wave. His disability checks came addressed that way so p…

Vada Faith Free Mother's Day

Vada Faith is going to be offered free on Amazon - Kindle - on Mother's Day.

I had hoped to do another post reporting on the progress of my WIP Sweet Baby James, the follow up novel to Vada Faith.

But husband has been in hospital since Sunday night. He was in for a week before that and had came home Friday night.

Right now he's having in patient therapy to get some strength back from being so ill after his back surgery.

Between running to the hospital and keeping up with things at home it's been difficult to think much less write.

Create Space (Amazon) is almost finished putting together the paperback of Vada Faith. I've ran into so many glitches during this process that it's been frustrating. However I figure once I learn the routine it will be a piece of cake for my next project. Isn't that a laugh. So optimistic.

I'm excited to see so many bloggers now publishing books!

I look forward to reading them all. I have the Kindle on my lap top full of novels to…