READ the small print.

Reently I ordered a miracle face cream for $4.95 and a serum for $3.95 online. When I clicked to order,  the terms of agreement between company and customer was written in such small print that I decided to forego reading and just clicked agree and ordered. Of course I gave my charge card number.

I tried the cream and serum upon arrival and a few days thereafter. Since I  couldn't see the expected miracle on my face and neck, I tossed the jars - which were tiny - in with dozens of other creams and potions that hadn't worked and forgot all about them.

A few weeks later, I was checking my charge account online. I nearly fell off the office chair when I saw that there were two charges --- $87.63 for each sample sized bottle. It seems I'd joined a beauty club and would be charged that amount each month.  Per our agreement.

After regaining the ability to breathe, I emailed my card company.
They checked and read the agreement. It was binding. The rep agreed to call the company with me on the the phone and see if anything could be worked out. Bottom line they refunded 50% for each bottle and cancelled my membership. They were not happy. I was extremely happy. I ended up paying only $87.63 for both bottles and my membership was cancelled.

The lesson I learned was to NEVER agree to anything without reading the entire agreement. If print is too small to read then do not order. SECOND lesson - something that sounds too good to be true IS.

Of course that's a lesson I've learned many times. BUT this time the lesson was more costly and will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Have you had an experience such as this? I'd like to know I'm not the only gullible person in the world. Would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks! Til next time - Barb



  1. My husband had this happen to him when ordered a dieting product -- that raspberry one -- at a cost of 5 pounds and discovered to his horror that he started receiving the stuff and was charged some exorbitant amount on his credit card -- the idea being this would happen each month! With a bit of difficulty he was able to get it cancelled, but I think he might have had to pay the first month. In my opinion these things are scams that probably catch a lot of people.

  2. That's a big ooops. As it was credit card shouldn't you have got a full refund?

  3. Oh heck yes! For the very same cream! I called and yelled and cancelled and got stuck with the big bill for one month..most expensive 4.95 I ever spent and I still have wrinkles thank you very much! I was pissed to say the least! Sorry you got duped too. I've learned my lesson.

  4. Yep, duped we were Yaya. BUT lesson well learned. Even though it was on credit card the agreement which was in tiny print did have the full info on it and I disregarded because I couldn't read the print. Won't do that again.


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