Giving Thanks for Legs and Arms...

You're probably wondering if my heading is the title of a new story. It's not. Unfortunately it's a story that hits close to home.

My husband lost his left leg in a motorcycle accident when our middle daughter Susan was only two. She's in her forties now so that will tell you how long it's been.

Since losing his leg, and after a long recovery at the time, he's been in and out of the hospital dozens of times for a myriad of reasons, most related to the loss of his leg and that bike wreck all those years ago.

However, what I want to say has to do with giving thanks. Giving thanks for the things we have in our lives - like legs and arms and toes and fingers - and not harping on what we do not have.

I realized all over again this morning as he and I made our way to the prosthetic shop, how fortunate I am to have my arms and legs. His knee needed a repair, we thought, because it wouldn't bend anymore, but it ended up needing to be replaced. So, he had to leave his leg in the shop for repairs and come home on crutches.

As he came in the door at home from the garage, his crutches got tangled in the door or the rug and he went down, hitting the back of his head hard on the door.

Though we've made changes to make our lives easier here with only a few steps to get inside the house, we apparently need to do more. Or be more cautious.

I try to be there at every step but I can see I can't stop all his falls.

I know I need to be stronger. Physically stronger. And emotionally stronger.

Right now I'm just giving thanks that he's okay and that I have my legs.

I just wish he had his.

Blessings to you with whatever situation you are dealing with today.


  1. Yes, we sometimes forget to be grateful and this reminds us in a kind way.

    My husband was complaining to his friend(had no legs) about his ingrown toe nail and how much it hurt. The friend looked at him and said, Do you know how much I would give for an ingrown toenail?

    Kinda stopped Hubby in his tracks...

  2. But he has you and you are truly a blessing to him and you have him....
    Many hugs!

  3. So true. Too often people focus on the negative. We always need to remember to be thankful for what we have.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Our focus should always be on the blessings that we receive and not on what we do not have. Have a lovely day! Kellie xx

  5. So appreciate all the comments. I still need to be reminded to be thankful each day.

    Blessings! It's a beautiful day here in Ohio and I hope it spreads to your part of the map as well.

  6. I think we all need an occasional reminder to be grateful for all the abundance in our lives. Thank you for sharing yours.

    How weird it must be to be able to say, "I left my leg behind for repairs." :-)

  7. God Bless,Barb. Give Raymond a hug for me. You both have certainly been through crap this year. Here's to a new and healthy new year!!

  8. Aw man! I hope he's ok, now.
    It does make me feel very grateful I have all my limbs. I'm thankful my baby was born healthy. I cannot imagine being in that situation. But what matters is family support amd love.


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