Happy Heart's Day

First ever look at the romantic side of the characters in my book Ezra and Other Stories! There's a bit of romance in even the oldest character, Ezra. Happy Valentine's Day to my characters!  Check this out.

Curl up in an easy chair and enjoy the romance, suspense, and humor in this collection of short stories. Here’s just a sampling: in award winning “Mabel and the Garage Sale,” Mabel’s house rests in the path of a proposed highway. As Mabel sorts her things to move, she recalls those colorful characters who’ve passed through her life. She’s survived the Bible salesman, and “Spook” Lanham. Even her son, Jackie Lee's father! Now - a new, rich, romantic prospect shows up at her garage sale. Will she accept HIS offer?

The story, “Delphine and Rainelle,” poses the question: is a trip to Myrtle Beach enough to make up for infidelity? What about a new car? Is a family worth saving - at all costs?

Will the two women in “Joy Ruth and Minnie Hendrix” find more than a pre planned funeral over at Miller’s Funeral home? Perhaps even romance?

Newlyweds, “Wally and Bun,” are set for life as they fly off in a hot air balloon, leaving their friend, Murphy, to figure out where he stands with the girl he left behind many years ago.

“Eve and Marcus Welby” finds Eve searching for love in classes given to her by her mother at the local college. But, is Eve really destined to have only her cats to love?

"It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re working with turkeys," Stevie writes with his label maker, as he tries to win Macon over as they work together. Will Macon, in “Macon for Georgia,” give Stevie a chance and let the abusive LaRue go?

And, can only the young find the kind of love that makes your pulse race and your palms sweat? “Ezra” certainly offers hope for those who feel they may have missed the love boat.

Click the link below to check out Ezra and Other Stories if you need something to read for Valentine's Day. Kindle ONLY $2.99.
Ezra and Other Stories


  1. These all sound like wonderful stories! You are so talented!

  2. Sweet of you to say. I've been writing stories for longer than I want to say.
    Finally got some of them in print. Thanks, Pat

  3. Good for you Barb. You must be so proud of your accomplishments

  4. Sounds good! I'll order it tomorrow. (Too lazy to put my laptop down and get off my derriere and fetch my kindle right now... and those darned cats won't get it for me.

    Take care. I hope you're feeling better now.

  5. These sound great and a fun read! Hope all is going good for you! Your writing is wonderful!


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