Story Accepted for Publication

I spent yesterday writing an article on the issues we've had the last three months trying to connect the dots between our health care insurances and our health care bills. The article was accepted today by The Cleveland Plain Dealer and will appear in this Sunday's newspaper - a great place to have something published. The Bad News is they do not pay for unsolicited pieces. WHO KNEW? Last year they paid me for an article I sent in. This is another reflection of today's economy. To see The Plain Dealer reduced to this is sad.
BUT on a happier note I'll be thrilled to get the Sunday's paper and see the article. Plus I believe it's a well written article and will get the PD plenty of feedback in letters to the editors. If you can get a copy and read it. Let me know what you think.
The article should also be online Sunday.
That's it for now. Spent some time today on my new novel and I'm liking it more and more. Will share more on that later. Errands tomorrow. Blessings. B


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