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Jill & Designing & Pure Gold

Jill and I spent two hours this morning on the phone, she in Wisconsin, me in Ohio, as she led me through the trials and tribulations of adding templates to my blog page. Finally! Pay dirt. We got it right. I think it looks great. Comments welcome. Thanks, Jill. She is my go-to daughter when it comes to computers, new technology, and any other gadget that came out after 1990, including working the television remote when we first got Warner Cable. I used to call her at work - back when she worked at the Dispatch - and she would walk me through the steps to get the TV back on after it went out for whatever reason.I told her not to get married and move out of the house.Children. Adult children. Especially daughters. They're worth their weight in gold. And I mean that, girls...And grandchildren...don't get me started on what they're worth! Hope you like the site.


  1. Barb, (have trouble calling you that because that's Mrs. Albrecht, but I'll try) your blog is wonderful and I'm so impressed. I love that I and can "hear" you in each of your postings. Good for you for doing this, you and your family and friends will treasure it. I don't know how to become and official follower, so this will have to do. Love to Raymond and the girls!!

  2. My dear friend, Gail. Don't know if you'll ever get on here again but I hope so. I would love to have an email hearing how you and the family are doing. I MISS you. I'm hoping to use this as a springboard for the story I'm writing. You know, start each morning blogging and then I'll come up with some witty and brilliant prose for my beloved characters. R and I are hooked on A. Idol so tonight is the night. Have to run. Love you.

  3. Thanks mom... I'm so glad that we found a background that you like. It's funny, like Gail said- I can 'hear' you as I'm reading your words. Love you both, and miss you lots!

  4. God bless you my wonderful daughter Jill. I love you.

  5. I'm so glad you have your daughter helping you with your blog. I have three boys, my youngest and oldest are computer whizzes:) But they don't have blogs, so I know more about blogs than they do. If you like, visit me at my blogs, I have two, one on writing and one about my everyday life.


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