Writing this blog is fun. But even more fun after writing and posting a blog is to see who reads it and what dialog it creates. A piece of writing becomes a part of something bigger when it's read and digested.
A magical connection is formed between the writer and the reader.
The writing serves a larger purpose when the reader feels something - sadness, joy,an "aha" moment that he or she could have written those very words. A writer needs to have some of that back. It creates a bond between writer and reader.
Have you ever finished a book and wanted to "know" the writer? You want to learn everything you can about the writer and you read everything they've written to gain insight into his or her psyche.
I've felt that way dozens of times. How can a writer in London know how this middle aged woman is feeling here in this tiny town in Ohio? AND express it so eloquently?
This feeling is often without words - there's so much about writing that will remain a mystery. It just is. This week my good friend Liz asked - where on earth do you get these quirky characters and story ideas? I have no idea. They're just in my head.
Frank, Daisy, Lily and Jack are on their way to FL with a stolen dog named Tick. Lily has a secret as does Frank and these will be revealed along the way.
The title so far is IF YOU WON'T KILL ME THEN DRIVE ME TO FLORIDA. WHERE did that come from? I don't know. It just came and I'm thankful that it did. And I hope that something I've written will "say" something to you. Blessings!


  1. I must say, that is a catchy title. Instead of hooking your reader with the first page, you will hook him with the title.

  2. I thought it catchy too but right now it's the working title. One never knows in what direction a story will go. I'm just following along. Kind of like the caboose. Being lead by my characters.


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