on producing soup and stories

So the question is - should you write some on your novel on Valentine's Day when your honey is home? The answer is yes! An emphatic yes. Right now my honey is in his favorite chair - napping. Yes, he gave me flowers. And some beautiful soft socks and he invited me to The Ridge Inn for dinner - set for another day. Who could ignore the delicious leftover spaghetti with meatballs, salad, and homemade bread pretzels that I made for his Valentine dinner yesterday. Complete with pound cake, strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Yum.
Honestly, my entire life does not revolve around food. But I admit - it's a big part of it.
For me writing and cooking complement each other. I love the process of making soup and I love the process of writing. Nothing makes me happier than to start with a few ingredients, say chicken broth, and start it to simmering. Add some chopped celery and onion, garlic, dash of dill, and a bit of thyme or sage. Next I might chop up a five inch stick of keilbassi and toss that in. Meanwhile I'm starting my story. I've got the characters embarking on their journey just as the smell of keilbassa wafts into my office. I head back to the kitchen and the stove and add three cans of white beans, drained and rinsed to the mixture.
I start tasting. This brings in my husband who has to have a taste. He's never met a pot of soup he didn't like. I decide to add in a sauteed green pepper and mushrooms. More stirring. More simmering. Back to my story which requires much more thought that the soup but the process of assembling the soup has started the process of ideas flowing and I have to stop blogging and work on the dysfunctional group that I have heading south in a 1985 station wagon of some sort. Very roomy but painted a very intense royal blue with seats that scratch the backs of my little girl character's legs. Later.


  1. Love it...I'm so glad that you got on here & figured out how it works. Now I can catch up with you on here as well. Love you!

  2. Thanks. I think you are my number one fan. Love you too, Miss Jill.


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