Honestly the snow is getting ridiculous. Piled everywhere - more drifting. Our house is in the center of a snow globe - and we're not even in Geauga County. This winter I've felt as though I'm wearing cement shoes - and creating stories and characters has been anything but easy. Each step is accompanied by much groaning and pain. My characters are as frozen as the pond on the hill behind our house. Yesterday I managed to get a page finished and then I found myself pulled to the dining room where daughter Susan was going through a box of old pictures - while the grandkids watched Stagecoach (John Wayne) with Papa. How can you not get dragged into looking at pictures of yourself wearing a hat the size of Illinois - Easter 1965.
And pictures of a handsome husband in his Navy uniform on Midway Island in the late 50's. Are those gooney birds at his feet??? Was he good looking or what...And then the faded photos of myself astride beautiful Pearl readying myself to ride out into the wild blue yonder....actually riding down the country road of Cross Creek with soon to be hubby beside me. The pictures don't show the terror in my heart as the horse shot out of the barnyard and down the road. But I quickly learned what the reins were for.
Finally I dragged myself back to the office and sat down to write but the sound of gun shots, wild screaming, and the roar of a racing stagecoach ended that session.
Where can I find a quiet corner in this small ranch house???


  1. Good morning! You were up early, and writing before 7am...I took a few minutes to update mine as well, with prodding from my friend Denise!! She is trying to follow my blog, but it's kind of hard when it only gets updated every 3 months! I was thinking that maybe the distracting gun shots were from Dad shooting at the birds out back! Funny story. I'm thinking that if you can't find a quiet corner at your place, then there is absolutely NO hope for me finding one at mine! Love you!

  2. Thanks so much for helping me set up the blog page. Lots of work but looks great.
    I'm not over the blackbird shooting. Boy you can take a boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy. I'm making soup and going to work on my story. love ya....ps the time on the blog was wrong - i was not up early....

  3. the time on this is ALL screwed up because I'd never be up at 7 am and if I was up I would not be blogging but hanging over a ten cup size of coffee!

  4. I love looking through old pictures! They could inspire stories. In my writing, I incorporate family names and happenings. I've written a middle grade story that takes place in the 1960s in rural WV, and I guess you could say that the story is what I wish would have happened to me when I was growing up.

  5. Janet,
    I agree - old pics are the best. In fact, I'm getting ready to frame some small black and white ones in plain black frames with white mats for the wall. There's something to be said for old "age." I'd love to read your story if you want to send it to me.Do you have it posted on your blog???


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