Back When We Were Grownups

I ran across a book review I did online about the novel, Back when we were grown-ups, by Anne Tyler. Thought someone might be interested
"Like all Tyler's novels I want to live in them. I'm right there on stage with her characters living their lives, rooting for them, grieving with them. I find I often feel like "Beck" in Back When We Were Grown-ups. I'm having the wrong life. Surely the life I'm living can't be the one I'm meant to have. As Beck when she chooses one life over another and the question looms in her mind --- "What if I've taken the wrong road?" Aren't we all at some point in our lives faced with that thought? I couldn't put this book down. One cannot own too many copies of Tyler's books. Under "great storyteller" in the dictionary is the name Anne Tyler. Anyone agree? Disagree? Which Tyler book is your favorite. If you haven't tried one of her novels this is the time.


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