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Writing Revising Cutting

It's been a busy few days. Yesterday I made rhubarb sauce from rhubarb I had frozen. I got it last summer from Mrs. Beachy, the Amish woman who lives down the road.
We get all our produce there in the summer and it's the best. Anyway, I took her a jar of the sauce. One of her daughter's answered the door. Her mom had gone to visit family in Michigan.
Then I puttered - I can putter an entire day away and never accomplish anything. Can you? Or am I the only person that putters anymore? I did some writing of my own and read more of Sherry's manuscript, ISLAND PASSAGE. I'm getting caught up in the story and not doing as much editing as I should.

Today I pulled together two stories to enter in the West Virginia Writers contest, deadline March 31. That's with a late fee! I'm always a last minute entrant.

I'm going to submit KILL ME OR DRIVE ME TO FLORIDA - I had to write a one page synopsis. Try to fit a novel into a one page summary. Nearly impossible. But I did it.

I'm also submitting SWEET BABY JAMES about a baby abduction. Baby James is the second novel in the series I was going to call SHADY CREEK - but the first book HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLATE didn't sell. AND it went out to every publisher on this earth.

Tomorrow I'll read over the two stories, I'm submitting about five thousand words each, and the summaries. I plan to send them out on Monday.

I always feel so righteous when I submit something.

I've had lots of feedback from the story that was in the Detroit Free Press. Many pros and cons on health care in this country. I'm not up for arguing any of the points. I just want us all to have the good coverage we deserve in this country.

That's it for now. Blessings!


  1. I am glad I found a writer. I will try to pick up some tips.

    I haven't submitted anything since high school and college but had some poetry and shorts published in nothing that counts.

  2. good luck with your submissions! I've submitted 3 so far. I might submit one or two more before the deadline. All I've ever won is an honorable mention a couple of years ago.

  3. I'm working on at least one submission for the West Virginia Writers contest, Janet, and may dig out something else and dust it off. I'm always late.
    WELCOME Gail. Don't know that you'll learn much but I'm glad to have you checking in.
    ALSO everything counts no matter how small - by that I mean everything you write counts, when you love to write.

  4. I can definitely relate to your puttering! I've puttered days away too. It sounds like you've gotten a lot accomplished in between your puttering though.

    Good luck with all of your submissions! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that your writing will find a home at a publishing house!


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