Dinner at the Buzz In Buzz Out

After a long day of meetings and talking, I came home exhausted. R was having no talk of leftovers when all I wanted to do was fall on the sofa and rest. He had heard from Charlie the tractor man down the road that the Buzz In Buzz Out had a new menu and he'd like to take me there for dinner. Before I could answer he was getting ready. How could I say no when I'd been off doing my thing all day.
So I crawled literally into the car after throwing on some lip liner - like anyone at the Buzz In would notice - and off we went. There were a couple of grubby truckers there.
R decided to try the new hot buffet - which had all of six choices and priced at $5.99 a pound.
I went for the personal pizza when the waitress wasn't sure she could get the pulled pork for a sandwich thawed in time for me to have my sandwich when R had his buffet meal. So, he came back with a plate of steaming mashed potatoes and gravy, a brat, some vegetables and garlic bread. He loved every bite. I ate a partially frozen mini pizza with banana peppers - the banana peppers being the best part of the meal. That and the A&W bottle of root beer from the cooler.
A long day ending at the Buzz In and Buzz Out. R was ecstatic. Thought the mashed potatoes and gravy was to die for. So, I'll just end by saying he may once more go to the joint down the street and I probable won't. For him it was a perfect end to a perfect day. Charlie the tractor man got his tractor running again. As for me, I'm happy when he's happy. It's been a good day.
Now off to watch the Bachelor marriage. Who says we're not high class? Blessings!


  1. So lovely...and truly, isn't that what marriage is all about!
    Thanks for this!

  2. I can sooo relate! Mr J and I have very different opinions on what constitutes good cuisine. Greasy meat and garlic bread are very high on his list of faves!

  3. Where is the Buzz In Buzz Out? I love Mom and Pop diners.

  4. At least he didn't expect you to cook.

  5. Buzz In Buzz Out, what a neat name. The root beer sounds pretty good, but I think I would rather have popped a frozen pizza into the oven of my kitchen.


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