Here's to Lunch and Chia tea

Today's goal was to work on my novel. It's lunch time and I haven't started. Instead I talked to an editor at the Detroit Free Press about my article on health care that was in The Plain Dealer. She wanted me to cut it from 700 words to 550 and send it to her for consideration. So, that's what I did. Now that the essay has been reworked and sent I can move toward my novel writing.
Here's to getting out of my flannels, having lunch, and a cup of Chia first. Then to work.
What are you working on?

Even if you're not writing, you must be doing something. Anything? Reading a good book, drinking a Coke, cooking? Come on somebody. Respond....

Blessings on this cold Wednesday in Southern Ohio.


  1. Barb, I'm here at the computer and haven't done a thing yet. No excuses, except I guess I'm being lazy. Chai tea sounds wonderful. Good luck on your article.

  2. mom, I'm just now getting around to reading your last few days of posts. I haven't been reading much on the computer lately-just haven't felt good. Chai tea is one of my favorites! love ya!


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