On Time...

Why does everything take so much time? Today I planned to start participating in the March Madness Challenge and work on my novel. With my grandson here it's been a challenge. If he isn't eating he's needing something else. Between his needs, his grandpa needs something. Toast. An apple. A bottle of water.
Something printed off the internet or something else equally important. In his eyes.

With the noise of cartoons in the background I'm determined to write before the day is over. I've had six calls that demanded my attention. I'm checking Chase's homework now. He goes home to Wisconsin this week end. We'll sorely miss him but then will I have more time? Somehow I doubt it. Time is slippery and can't be pinned down. I have one more call to make and then the day is mine. OF course it's nearly 2:30 p.m. and I've had these plans since 8 a.m. Soon there will be dinner to make.
No matter how well I plan every chore takes longer than I anticipated.
Anyone else have this problem. I'm off here to put dinner into the oven and write.
Papa is heading to the toy room in the basement with Chase Andrew. Now, maybe I'll have some quiet time. Blessings.


  1. I was trying to write yesterday while my husband was in the background talking on the telephone. It was almost impossible! He talks way too loud :)


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