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Total Sugar Breakdown

I had a total sugar breakdown yesterday at Walmart. I hadn't had sugar in the house for several weeks, other than one piece here and there. I completely lost what little sense I have. After I finished blogging I looked at my receipt and realized I was so caught up in my sugar high that the clerk did not take off the coupons I went in there to use. AM I insane or what? That will teach me to watch so lovingly as he loaded each sweet into my bags, lusting after each one. I should have been watching that he deducted my coupons.
Also after blogging I found the jelly beans and chocolate eggs, which I immediately tried for freshness and I'm proud to report that they are the ultimate in freshness. Of course it took three of the chocolate eggs to make sure. And several handfuls of the jelly beans. I love them all, even the black ones.

AND not a grandchild in sight so I can't say I bought the stuff for them. The little ones are in Wisconsin, though I must say the triplets would make quick work of all those snacks.

I think I lost my mind on that shopping trip. I - who NEVER make jam - yesterday bought enough frozen strawberries and the packets of stuff to make freezer jam. MORE SWEETS.

What kind of breakdown would you say I had?

Though I must say I love the red blouse and the silver necklace thingy.

Off here now to actually write on my story.

After learning this morning that I have to have a root canal and another crown which I intend to put off as long as I can, I must lose my self in the minds of my characters. They're surely having much more fun that I. At least I know little Daisy is.


  1. Sometimes I look at the contents of my basket and wonder what the cashier thinks...

  2. It must be all the Easter goodies. Reading this (and yesterday's post)has made me really hungry for Cadbury Creme Eggs - my favorites. Unless it's the Cadbury Caramel Eggs. Or jelly beans -especially the black ones. Gotta go find some sugar.

  3. I'm so sorry I've started a sugar craze. I made the strawberry jam today and ate half before I got it to the freezer. Not half but enough to make a small dent in it. Love that you all are making comments. Blessings...

  4. Malted balls are calling me! I could eat gallons of those. I walk by the bowl and just take a few, walk back by, take a few. Soon I don't even go through the walk but stand in front of the bowl enjoying my feast.

  5. Gail you sound like me -why pretend just go for the whole bowl - good to know we're in this sugar thing together.

  6. I am so sorry about the dental stuff coming up. I HATE the dentist! I didn't realize you have triplets in your family:) How fun!
    Enjoy that candy--especially the black jelly beans--:)

  7. You're making me crave sugar now... and I was doing good today! LOL! Thanks for the fun post! :)

  8. Funny mom!!! It's all on you, that I'm struggling to beat the sugar addiction I have as well! I broke down and had 3 very small girl scout cookies, but I'm still ahead because I have done so good all day. Thanks for sharing this crazy story!

  9. I don't like jelly beans, but I love, love, love cadbury eggs. I am a chocoholic! Don't put off the dental work, just go ahead and get it over with. I've had one root canal and was scared to death to have it done, I'd heard all the horror stories, but it wasn't that bad, except for the bill (that was very frightening!)

  10. Cadbury eggs. Love them. This year they have 12 miniature ones in a little egg carton. So, instead of eating three big ones, you can eat 12 little ones--like it makes any difference!


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