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Today I was going to write...

Today was the day I was going to write write write on my current story titled Untitled.
Instead I went to WalMart with Susan, my second daughter. I went to buy four things and to help her as she had a big grocery shopping to do. I ended up with a cart full of --- junk. I bought a bathroom rug since I spilled nail polish on the one in there on Sat. night. (I also had to discard my pajama bottoms that night and scrub the tile floor with Comet). Ok, I bought a cake mix to make a pineapple upside down cake, Smores Little Debbies, Chunky Chips Ahoys, trail mix - in I swear a five pound bag, a fruit and nut Cadbury candy bar - if you haven't tried these I highly recommend that you do, A Heath candy bar, a Dr. Pepper, and a bag of lightly salted rice cakes to eat in the car coming home. A box of raisin oat bars for R, and a box of macaroon cookies for the cookie jar. I also got out of there with a fancy silver wire looking dangly necklace thing, and a sharp red blouse off the clearance rack for three bucks. Did I do well or what?
The only thing I bought that might be halfway useful was liquid detergent. I had a coupon - buy one bottle and get one free. I'm so proud of myself and I only spent $80. Oh, I bought bananas, a bd card and a few other things.
That's why I haven't written on "UNTITLED" yet.
Also, I talked to an editor at the Detroit Free Press. She's planning to use my article that was in the Plain Dealer last week. She had a list of questions and might do some rewriting. I don't care as long as it mostly says what I said. I emailed her a photo. I was worried because the photo wasn't all that good. Then she told me it would be the size of a postage stamp. I can live with that. So that's my day. Hope yours went well. Blessings!
PS Uhoh! I just found the jelly beans and chocolate Easter eggs I bought.


  1. Bargains and a day out, what could beat that...having a Dr Pepper, you are my kinda gal.

    You will write when it is time.

  2. Sounds like you bought WalMart out. They do have some good clothing bargains going on now on their clearance racks. As far as the cookies go, I love the Keebler chocolate chip with the m&m's in them. They are sooo good.

  3. You gave yourself something to blog about. See, even when you're shopping, you're working on your writing! :)


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