Writing without expectations...

Today, I will go to my desk without guidelines, or a to do list, or goals or any expectations other than giving myself wholly and unconditionally to my story. There will be nothing between myself and my laptop- just an open mind.

Today, I'll write the way I was meant to write. Creatively. Without boundaries. Or lines keeping me in or out.

Today, I'll leave my perfectionism behind. We succeed not because of perfectionism but in spite of it.

Today I believe totally in myself.

I believe in my work.

And I believe in you.

So let's get started.

Today will be the first day of our lives. Let's get started. At least, for today.



  1. When I write, it has to come in bursts of ideas. Sparkling, the words fall outta my fingers and seem to have a life of their own. That is my favorite time and sometimes, when I reread, I think, did I write that and say, Wow.


  2. Way to go, Barbara. I haven't written a thing all day, we've been outside in the humid heat trying to get the grass cut before the storms roll in.

  3. I so agree! Now and then we need permission to let go and write like we want to write:)


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