Mother's Day brings family, fun, food, books

I love when a holiday brings all the family together with good food, fun, and presents that revolve around writing and reading.

Jill gave me The Maeve Binchy Writer's Club book, which is full of Maeve's wit and wisdom, combined with writing advice from her as well as other writers. They even left some white space for notes by the reader. Then, included at the back of the book are columns written by Maeve for the Irish Times. Plus seven new short stories by her. Jill also included the latest cd by one of my favorite singers, Rod Stewart. Love the cd and can't wait to read the book. It will be a reward for getting lots of writing finished on my WIP. Thanks Jill.

Yesterday was ladies day out with a movie and mall shopping. We saw Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. A total hoot. Laughed til I cried. A must see if you like comedy! Thanks Lisa and Susan. Also received bath and body lotion & a beautiful angel for my collection.

In the mall at Waldens Books I found a two for one sale so came home with two novels, women's fiction. I'm not allowing myself to start those as I'm still reading the series COUNTRY DOCTOR by Patrick Taylor. On the last one now. Thanks, Barb.

Today Lisa and Susan took us to brunch at The Ridge Inn in Laurelville Inn with grandchildren Steve, Samantha, and Jillian and exchange student, Katrin, from Germany. R and I came home and had apple dumplings with ice cream. Yum...

This week I'm finally kicking off my new "no editing til I'm finished with my current WIP" policy, I'm not allowing myself to read any fiction. It's a distraction. I might use it as a reward for so many pages written. We'll see.

Other than that not much going on at my house. The poison ivy is almost cleared up thanks to good drugs.

Tomorrow is my monthly writers meeting at Great Expectations Cafe and Book Shop. We're having Diana Hannon Forrester in to sign her new mystery release, GLORY.

May the sun ever be in your face and the wind at your back, or whatever that old saying is.
May you be richly blessed today and always.


  1. Glad you had a great Mother's Day after your awful week. One question--are you really not reading fiction while you're working on your novel? How can you survive? Have fun at your writers meeting today. My group fell apart and I miss it.

  2. What a wonderful Mothers' Day you had! Really? No fiction at all? Not even in a different genre? If I couldn't read while I was writing, I think I'd go crazy. Is it working?

    Blessings to you, as well.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day, and I've heard nothing but good things about Date Night. I'm going to have to see it.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful and busy weekend. My son and his wife came and visited us on Mother's Day. We had a nice visit and I didn't want them to leave.

  5. Thanks for all the mother's day wishes. As for the not reading fiction while working, I picked up a book of short stories on the end table last night and started reading. Couldn't seem to stop myself. I'm trying to leave reading alone during the day when I work. I'll let you know as time goes on how it pans out.

    My process of writing -slapdash/slipshod isn't working anymore - I'm trying to develop a hardier commitment.

  6. What a great time!

    We're both trying to be more productive. As you said, good luck to both of us!


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