Flying by the seat of my pants...

I'm never setting a writing goal again. Tomorrow is Friday and as of yet I haven't written one word this week. THIS was going to be the week I put on those orange heels and covered new ground with my WIP. I was going to write and not edit.

Monday and Tuesday got away from me completely. (Husband is better, to all who asked, thank you). Then, I woke up mid week with a few red spots on both arms. Mosquito bites? Spider bites? I wondered. Then they started to spread. I had Poison Ivy - which I'm highly allergic to.

Made a trip into town to see the dr. Cortisone shot and an RX for strong cortisone tabs, and a $90 bill later. I'm counting on some relief and soon. It's welty, red, swollen, weeping. The blisters, not me, though I could weep easily enough. When the famed itching started I thought I was going to scratch my own eyes out. To anyone who has not had it. You do not want it. I promise. It's awful.
I've dealt with one crisis after another this week.

Tomorrow, barring anymore unpleasant events, I will write. But I'm not making any promises. Not setting any goals. I'll fly by the seat of my pants.

Are the odds ever stacked against you when you plan to write?

Is it just me? Am I jinxed? Have a black cloud over my head like Charlie Brown?

Whatever, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow has to be better.



  1. I write when it calls me but I have no deadlines and I write purely for my pleasure. I imagine having a schedule would take the fun out of it.
    When we are famous, the responsibilities grow.

  2. You're right, Gail. It does take the fun out of it. But the funny thing is when I sit down because I "make" myself, after a few minutes I'm back into the groove where everything feels right and I love it. So, I guess we all have our process. However, life can certainly intervene and suck us away. Sometimes it pulls out every ounce of creativity and that's when I want to fight back. Of course I'm only fighting myself.
    Who know what's right or wrong. What works for us is what's right for us.
    Love love love the pics on your site. Even when I don't comment I'm there checking it out.

  3. That's why I don't set writing goals either.
    And I hate poison ivy!

  4. I hate poison ivy more every minute. It's made a mess of me. Swabbed with calamine and popping cortisone pills and antihistamines.
    But I'm tying myself to the chair after lunch and not allowing myself up until I write something. Even if it's only a grocery list!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you have poison ivy! I'm highly allergic to that too, and can definitely relate to what you're going through. Feel better (and less itchy) soon!

    As for writing, I find I do better when I don't set myself a writing goal. Inevitably, if I say I'm going to write x amount of words in x amount of time, something will happen to push me off track. Then I just get frustrated. Flying by the seat of my writing pants always works better for me too.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I, too, am very allergic to poison ivy.I have a few little dots of it on me right now and I don't know how I got it. I try to wear rubber gloves when I go outside to pull weeds and such, just in case I run across some of it. One of my sons is also very allergic to it. Try not to scratch it! I don't usually set writing goals, but I try to set submitting goals. I am not keeping up with them, though, I just hate trying to figure out who to send the stories to.


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