Wearin' of the orange postponed but not cancelled

I got up on Monday determined to wear my orange shoes and write my heart out. And then my eyes took in the basket where I keep the monthly bills and realized woe is me it was May 3 and time to write checks, etc. So, I put on my bill paying cap and sat down to pay bills which required a morning of calling, first, to clear up a bill that had been paid and put on the wrong account and another, my wireless which is my most valued possession. Though Verizon has already taken the money out of my account, somehow they can't "find" it. So the bank has faxed paperwork three times to amend the problem. Alas, they still hadn't "found" the money yesterday. That attributed to the beating of my head on the office wall for a full five minutes before I could control myself. Ok we're well into the afternoon by now. I got all the bills paid, problems ironed out, check book brought up to date, and it was dinner time. It came out of a can and the freezer.

BUT I had Tuesday coming at me fast. A fresh day in which to put on my orange shoes and write. About 9 pm Monday night my husband started having phantom pain in his stump. His left leg is amputated and while not often it still causes horrendous pain. That went on all night, he slept little and I slept some. The meds we had in the house couldn't control or stop the pain. A quick call this morning to the dr. got him a stronger rx. I'm the driver so I had to drive 80 miles round trip to pick up the prescription. Pharmacies do not take such rxs over the phone. On the way home I managed to eat a caramel and pull out a crown. That brought on an upset stomach which required a short nap. Now it's dinner time again. Who's for scrambled eggs and toast?

The medicine is helping tremendously. I've already blocked out Wednesday for writing. I have to write at least eight hours to make up for the lost time on Monday and Tuesday. Was it really lost time? Maybe yes, maybe no. I learned a few things. Don't beat your head on the wall because it hurts you and not the other guy. Don't eat a hard caramel when you have a mouth full of crowns. And if your husband always has your back you should always have his.

So I haven't canceled wearing my orange shoes and writing. I've just postponed it.


  1. Love this one... I know you feel like you are not meant to write, but you have such a gift that you can't let it go. Just move on, and write when you can. I know that you have a lot of the responsibility at home - as do I here. We have to keep picking ourselves up though and moving on with the next day. Stay motivated. Call me when you need a kick in the pants and I will try to deliver. As I know you will always do the same for me!! Love you! (PS- don't eat hard candy in the car anyways, what if you get choked??? Not safe.) The kids would tell you that one. I have instilled the fear of choking in them early, so they know the rules already! :-)

  2. Sorry for all the travails! Hope you did get to writing!
    Hugs, Pam

  3. Hey Barb, life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it? I keep to the old saying that everything happens for a reason - uh humm well, maybe, someday, we'll both understand that. Right now, I'm feelin your blog and nodding my head in agreement.

  4. Barb-So sorry to hear about Raymond. Glad he's doing better. As for your crown--ouch! Hope you were able to get to your dentist--and find a little time to write.

  5. Hope that your hubby is feeling better with the new meds, and you with a trip to the dentist, never one of my favorite things to do. Hang in there!


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