West Virginia Writer's Conference/Vada Faith free, again...

I'm excited to be going to WV conference this year. While I don't have my paperbacks of Vada Faith - due now end of June - as I'd planned, I'm still pleased to be able to attend the event. I need a get away about now.

This year my writer buddy Jill Sanders is going along. That means we can talk writing, editing, reading etc. non stop for the two days we will attend.

I always love going back home to the mountain state for any reason. But somehow the trek to Ripley for this event means more than going home to me.

It means bringing what little talent I have as a writer and the few successes under my belt to share with my fellow West Virginians who also share my love of writing and reading.

Cedar Lakes where the conference is held is full of nature and wildlife and when I'm there I feel a sense of being one with the universe. Corny? Probably. True? Yes! An emphatic yes.

So as we who attend the conference get ready for this coming week end, I'll be thinking of those I'll see, of the classes I'll take, of the memories I'll make.

Do you attend a conference or workshop in your own area? Perhaps your talent is not in writing but in some other realm.

It's fun to go beyond our comfort zones and expand to learn something new about what we love to do.

I'm open this year to new friends and new ideas and to a great time at the conference.

Here's to you and whatever you are doing this coming week or week end.

In celebration of the conference and my birthday I'm giving Vada Faith away on June 8, and 9th.

If you haven't downloaded the book yet, please feel free to do so.



  1. Have loads of fun, Barb. I know how deeply your roots are in your home state. Have a great time, make loads of new friends, and enjoy all the workshops. Rejuvenate your soul, dear friend.

  2. Have fun! I dream of a conference one day.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you in person.

  4. Attending and participating events like this adds up one's innate talent therefore gaining self-confident and serves as personal investing as well.


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