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Triplets, Little Brother, Father's Day

The triplets arrived with their little brother yesterday.Of course, they brought their mom Jill too. I'm so excited to have them all here.

I have to share them with their aunts but that's okay. Aunt Susan who lives on the hill behind us has a
trampoline and a swimming pool. They've already worked both of those activities in.

Last evening, they played ball with mom Jill in the backyard. R and I sat on the deck and watched.
Today I have to get off the deck and join in.

Yesterday just before they arrived I had to go to OSU Med. Center for a procedure on my pancreas. A block for pain.

Today I can report that there is NO pain. So I'm assuming that it worked. Unless the pancreas is still asleep. Daughter Lisa accompanied me there. I made the mistake of eating on the way home. Not a good idea. They said I could but still.....I should have known better. But now that that worked itself out I feel really good. Thank God!

I have so much to do with what life is left to me and I don't want to spend it in pain from my cantankerous pancreas.

Again, I know there are so many people today suffering from different and difficult diseases I feel frivolous complaining. Yet anyone who has suffered with the pancreas knows it isn't a pain one wants.

So with that said, I'm off here to take R to the wound clinic. His wound is almost healed. We're taking grandson Chase with us. We'll do the grocery store on the way home for some much needed items and then to pick up pizza for the kiddies. Which I've heard is a much desired and loved dinner.

Hope that if you have grandbabies, no matter their age, that they are with you one day soon.

We're celebrating Father's Day here this sunday and we have so much to be thankful for. Not just that the kids still have their father, Raymond, but that R and I had father's that we still honor.

How are you spending your father's day.

Also Kindle Vada Faith will be free again on Father's Day for any who still want it.

I'm so proud of the paperback as well. Check it out at Amazon. My daughter Jill created the cover from a Big Stock photo. She did a great job.

Family!!! What would we do without there.

I'm off here to love on mine.


Happy Father's day to you and yours.


  1. Sounds like a fun time with the grand-kids. Hope you all have a great Father's Day at your house as well.


  2. Have fun with Jill and the kids!!! For Father's Day, we will be on the first leg of our motorcycle trip to Lake Tahoe!!! Our grown sons will meet us in Tahoe, and we will have a late celebration! Please give my regards to Jill and, of course, to Raymond! I wish a good move for Jill and family. I loved visiting MA...I'm sure they'll love living there!


  3. Hi Barbara. Glad you are feeling better and that it didn't bother you at the conference. Have fun with those grandchildren.

  4. Thanks to all of you. Feeling really good. Not bragging - I don't want to tempt it back.

  5. I sure hope your are feeling better. I always try to remember when I get called in to work in the middle of the night that my discomfort is nothing compared to the patient who is really suffering. I loved your term "cantankerous pancreas"! Enjoy your little visitors and have a great Father's Day weekend. Our Grandkiddos from Michigan will arrive in a few weeks and we're really looking forward to seeing them!

  6. I hope your pain will subside, and I am sure you will love the visit with your grandkids. Kids are such a good distraction, so full of hope and happiness. Have a lovely weekend!

  7. oh, I just saw this post is rather old, for some reason I thought it was recent.. but anyhow I hope you HAD a good visit! :D


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