In celebration of my birthday on June 8th, I will be giving away VADA FAITH free on Amazon, the ebook version  - both June 8 and 9th.

I'm excited to be giving it away again free. This is the most fun I've had in ages, doing this project.

That's what kind of life I have - boring - and now you know. Not much of one outside of writing and reading.

I'll be going to the West Virginia Writer's conference on those days and hope to see lots of my writer friends there.

It's always a fun time. Who can beat meeting new writers, talking about writing, attending workshops on writing, being in a park with all  the beauty of nature around me.

I'm not excited to be another year older, but then again I can get excited when I think of the alternative. I'm not yet DEAD.

I've had a great life. I have family that I love and who love me. What a blessing!

I have a craft that I enjoy. And that hopefully brings joy to others.

So with that said, here's a poem I wrote a few years ago that applies to me every time my computer goes on the blink. Hope you enjoy. Blessings to you. Enjoy whatever it is  you are doing this week.


Not enough memory
The computer screen read.

It was THE DAY
I’d come to dread.

I had more words
Than my system could handle.

I kicked it hard
With my old brown sandal.

The message blinked OFF
And, ON again fast.

I had to do something
My story wouldn’t last.

I saved it to disk-
And hoped it wouldn’t crash.

I did it quick -
All under a flash.

The machine gave a sigh,
Bid it’s final good bye.

Then, I went to the store
And bought more and more-

Computer, and hardware
And software galore.

I’d get myself going
I would I swore .

Even if it took me
A thousand bucks OR more.

(I should have titled this thank God for charge cards!)


  1. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a good time at the convention and don't forget to eat's the one time to do so guilt free, right? I agree about the alternative to growing my hubby always says when somebody says to him: "It's good to see you"..he replies: "It's better to be seen than viewed!" true! Thanks again for the free ebook version of VADA FAITH. Have a good weekend!

  2. Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful, fun filled day and I love your poem...Susie

  3. In case I forget or don't see you Friday --- Happy Birthday! I'm like you, I don't look forward to getting older (I have a birthday this month), but it is better than the alternative! Love the poem!

  4. Have a wonderful birthday!

  5. Just beautiful. By the way, mine is June 9th, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, birthday buddy!

  6. Wishing you the best of birthdays! It sounds like your life is going really well. I'm so happy for you.

  7. Thanks for all the good wishes. Birthday at the conference was fun and I did eat cake, several times. As many times as it was served!!!
    Have a great week. I'm beat and off here to rest. Too much fun isn't good for one at my age!!!


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