I'm excited to report that my book is complete and available at Amazon. I've waited a long time to hold that book in my hand and I have to say I was not disappointed when I received the first print copy. What a thrill.

This is a story I've worked on for ten long long years. It took that long to give birth to it.

I'm not disappointed. The writing and rewriting that went into it has paid off.

Now, perhaps when I read it over in this paper format I'll see mistakes and kick myself for not going over it one more time. But honestly I reviewed and reviewed it until the lines sentences words all become one big glop of black on a white page. I could no longer see mistakes, could barely even see the story. So I sent it to the press.

I'm praying that Vada Faith will shine and that I've made the story into one that is worth reading.

Right now I'm trying to complete the proofing of a book of short stories to get on Kindle this summer. I'm not making much progress.

I took time out to go to the West Virginia Writer's conference and it was worth the time and money and effort. What a fun time we had. It's always fun seeing old faces, making new friends and learning a few new writing tips.

What have you been into this summer? I've read very few blogs so this week I need to spend one afternoon doing just that.

I have a medical thingy at hospital on Weds and hoping after that is over that I'll feel much better and ready to tackle my work. Plus the triplets and their little brother will be here mid week. That means lots of chaos, fun, and craziness. Papa R and I love when they hit town. Our lives are topsy turvy for a few days. WE get exhausted literally and then they are gone in a whirlwind, leaving us missing them, sad that they are gone and picking up the pieces til next time.

Hope you are having some adventure in your lives. If you don't write, what do  you do when you have free time.  I don't get out much. SHARE please.

BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL. Have a great week.

From Rainy OHIO.

Below link to Vada Faith paperback.


  1. Congrats on the book! I'm glad you had fun at the conference and now you can look forward to all that family time. I get worn out when our Grands all converge but isn't it worth it? So much little time. I'm not a writer (except in blog form) but I'm a reader and a gardener and I work full-time at the hospital..part time at hubby's Chiropractic office..I'm a leader in Boy Scouts for 11yr olds...I love to play around with photography..I do manage to keep busy! Have a great week!

  2. You have a very full life too YAYA. And yes the kiddies wear us out but we're always ready for another visit! Have a great summer.
    I too love photography but am not very good. I need to start posting a few photos. Seems it's too much to fit in at present.
    At least hubby is getting better and we are soooo thankful.
    Be well.


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