Update on editing HUNGRY...

As I was printing off the 300+ pages to read, I decided mid print that for some reason I'd put the manuscript in BOLD and that I needed to put it in regular print to save on ink. Not sure why I did it in bold in the first place as I was setting up the novel. Anyway, I went in and corrected the problem. Changed the print to plain for the rest of the pages.

After printing, I read the first 100 pages with no problem. Actually the novel read like a book off a book store shelf. (I always joked that my goal was to have a book on the bargain table at Big Lots.)

When I got to page 101, the material no longer matched though the page numbers were in sequence. It took a while for me to ponder the situation and figure out what was wrong.

Taking away the bold print had re figured the pages. I was now missing several chapters which I had to go back and print.

Anytime I come across a problem like this I've finally figured out at my age that I have to work on it first thing in the morning. As the day goes on my brain turns to mush and seems to concentrate on chocolate and other necessities of life. IT cannot wrap itself around problem solving.

I'm happy to report that the pages continue to read well and I'm excited. I hope as I finish this project for the tenth time that I can find a publisher.

I'll be seeking publishers in West Virginia as I believe that's the market for this particular story.

It's interesting that as long as I've been writing I still don't know everything there is to know about writing. I've learned how little I know - and that's part of the fun and excitement of writing. There's always something else to learn.

Did I tell you I started writing on a typewriter back in the seventies. Not electric either, with typewriter paper and carbon paper. I used to sit at the dining room table and I felt very writerly in jeans and t shirt with orange ear plugs sticking out of my ears to ward off the noise of children playing on the floor beside me. Those were the good old days. Really, I miss them.

Though I have to admit I love my laptop and all the luxuries it affords me.

Here's to happier editing days for all of us. Keep writing.



  1. I used to use a typewriter too!! Why not try to query it to an agent. No use limiting yourself to a publisher in the area--as books sell nationally:)

  2. Long hand then typewriter but I am not an author, only a writer.

    Need a volunteer to read your book early?

  3. Wow! How exciting to have your MS done! Congrats!

    I remember the days that I would sneak into my dad's office and peck away my poems and stories on his typewriter. And I bought lots of onion skin typing paper and carbon paper and thought I was such the professional! LOL!

  4. Glad you figured out the problem. And I remember typewriters!

  5. Congrats on your completed MS & good luck with the editing and querying process!

  6. Mornings definitely work better for me, as well. Boy, do I remember typewriters and carbon paper and correction fluid. I'm so grateful for the ease of my laptop. Best of luck with the next leg of your writing journey.


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