Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow...

Last week I noticed noises coming from my laptop, sort of like a low buzz that had never been there before - I thought it was static on the old radio in my office. But no! It was my baby, starting to groan a sad good bye.

The next morning I turned on the laptop and was flabbergasted. There were multi colored stripes running horizontally, a loud wall paper kind of thing, in shades of pink and brown. Not at all unpleasant but I knew the meaning behind the sight was not a good thing.

I'd seen that look once before on the unit and that was when the video part of the computer went bonkers and had to be fixed, both costly in time and money.

I'd hoped the laptop would last until fall. But it was living on borrowed time. It had been fixed two years earlier. I bought it used in the first place, though it wasn't cheap. Macs never are, it seems.

So, a quick trip to my Mac Lady told me that the innards on my baby were shot and could not be fixed. Even if it could be fixed no guarantee came with the costly repair this time.

Off I went to Micro Center and purchased a Mac Book Pro, on sale and just what I'd dreamed of having. A printer came with it for $30 plus a $30 rebate.

The Mac Lady - Lynn - at Mac Mobile in Columbus was able to save everything on my hard drive and get my programs set up on the new machine.

So begins a new love affair with my new Mac.

However each time I sit down at this new machine, I can still see my old baby opened up with all her parts strewn across the desk of the repair shop. Not a pretty sight.

Oh, parting is such sweet sorrow. Then, again, I'm sitting here smiling as I write.

My best to you as I now return to my corrections on HUNGRY!


  1. Glad you were able to save the information on your hard drive.

  2. I know just how you feel with your new baby. Mine is four years old now and every morning when I wake her up, I'm so grateful for all the ways she makes my life easier and happier. There's nothing like a Mac.

  3. How lovely to have a new toy!!I have had my new laptop for just over a week and I love it!! Thank you for your comment on my triplet nephews - its always good to hear from someone who has been there and made it through!!
    An allotment, by the way, is a plot of land rented to individuals by the local council in order to grow vegetables and fruit.They date from medieval times really, but are very popular over here as most people don't have much land of their own to grow stuff.I have a separate 'allotment' page on my blog to start on when I eventually get my keys!! Sarah x

  4. I dread the day my laptop dies. It is three years old and I wonder! I'm glad you could save everything.

  5. My new laptop and I are still circling each other trying to get the hang of how each works. I'm sure over time we'll get more familiar but right now I go to the laptop with both joy and fear!

    Blessings to all and may your laptops live on forever.... as well as your stories.

  6. Even though replacement computers are usually better and faster, I always miss my old computer at first. I associate each typewriter, word processor, and computer I owned with different writing memories.

  7. You are very fortunate not to lose your hard-driven data. I've never used a Mac. My 15-year-old son is our resident computer wizard. He insists that we name all our electronic gadgets. I have a Toshiba laptop known as Shiba, a desktop we call New Delly, and my son is now on Lappy II.


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