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Hungry for Chocolate or endlessly editing...

HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLATE is the novel on which I worked this past week. I finally finished making the changes my writing buddy/professor/friend Liz suggested. Now it's time to read the story through to see how it reads.

This is a work in progress that I've worked on for far too long. But in writing a story, how long is too long?

The story was born over ten years ago via a short story titled Joy Ruth and Vada Faith, twins - it never went beyond my desk, it may be more a character study than a finished story.

Then it branched into a novel and became Vada Faith's story - a much changed VF from the first story. It became the story of her life, her relationship with her twin sister, and with her husband and extended family, then gathers around her surrogacy- a surrogacy that goes wrong, both in hilarious and heartbreaking ways. She's always wanted to be something more than she was and goes about it entirely the wrong way.

More on this as I go through the endless process of editing.



  1. congratulations and good luck! Love the title, you've made me get a hankering for a chocolate bar.

  2. Ooh, chocolate. That always gets my attention, lol! I always find twin stories interesting. I am a middle child, not a twin, and I think that sibling relationships are fascinating but twins especially so. I don't think I'd be very good at writing one but I love reading them. :) Best of luck with your edits!

  3. To know the joys/headaches of editing would be something from my dreams.

  4. Sometimes an idea just needs time to build.

  5. I love the title--editing takes time but is worth it!

  6. Thanks for all the comments. I'm through with the edit and now reading the whole 300 pg manuscript to check for continuity and mistakes...

  7. I love the title, too. Best of luck with this part of the process.

  8. Great title. I too am nearing the end of a project that began it's life several years ago as a short story, though at that time it was told from the perspective of someone who has become more of a secondary character in the novel.

  9. Good luck with the final read. Editing does take a lot of time, I think, as I go through yet another draft of Pairs on Ice. But each time we edit, the manuscript does get better, doesn't it? Will send Pairs on Ice to you before I leave for Texas.

  10. Look forward to reading your YA. I love that story and know it will have a home when you finish tweaking it.


  11. I love the title. Editing does feel like forever, and you're making the MS stronger with it.


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