Just a quick update on my progress reading through HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLATE. Since getting the BOLD print debacle corrected, things are going along much more smoothly with the story.

I'm going to skip back to the story behind HUNGRY because of a few questions I received. That manuscript was with an excellent literary agent for four years. It didn't sell after repeated efforts. It may be that the story was before its time. That's why my next marketing efforts will be directed at a publisher in WV.
Its tone is distinctly West Virginian.

HUNGRY is set in WV and is about a surrogacy gone wrong. The main character, Vada Faith Waddell, wants to make some extra money - she can't seem to make enough for a down payment from her job at the beauty shop for a down payment on a new home out in the fancy subdivision of Crystal Springs -SO she decides to answer an ad in the local paper and become a surrogate mother. She figures it can't be all that hard. She already has a set of six year old twins girls. She knows pregnancy is no picnic but in nine months she'll have her big new house and this dear sweet couple will have the precious gift of a baby.
An uninformed and impatient person, she agrees to use her egg to create this child, making it her biological baby. BIG MISTAKE.

Before long she realizes the couple is unscrupulous, and are in trouble with the law for bilking old people out of money through their home remodeling company. Their story is on national news.
But Vada Faith is already pregnant. Then she realizes she cannot give up her baby. Her husband, John Wasper, will do anything for his wife except raise a baby belonging to the alleged criminal Roy Kilgore and his ditzy wife Dottie.

Vada Faith miscarries before her nightmare of giving away this baby is ever realized. She nearly loses her husband and her family along with her unborn child. She's only a few weeks into the pregnancy but the time element makes no difference when you've lost a child.

The setting of the fictional town of Shady Creek, WV is almost a character as the townspeople rise up against surrogacy and make Vada Faith question her reasons for making this decision in the first place. Some of their battles are fought out on local television on the Maddie Magill talk show.

Vada Faith's story is one of complicated human emotions but also of redemption and the rebirth of a marriage.


  1. I think it sounds awesome with some great conflict!!

  2. What a great story! I hope I get to read the whole thing someday.

  3. Sounds great! I hope it finds its way into print soon!

  4. Thanks for all the good comments. I hope to get it published soon too. If not, I've thought of self pubbing. We'll see what happens when I finish this "last" edit.

    Blessings to you and your work!


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