June 14, 2012

Triplets, Little Brother, Father's Day

The triplets arrived with their little brother yesterday.Of course, they brought their mom Jill too. I'm so excited to have them all here.

I have to share them with their aunts but that's okay. Aunt Susan who lives on the hill behind us has a
trampoline and a swimming pool. They've already worked both of those activities in.

Last evening, they played ball with mom Jill in the backyard. R and I sat on the deck and watched.
Today I have to get off the deck and join in.

Yesterday just before they arrived I had to go to OSU Med. Center for a procedure on my pancreas. A block for pain.

Today I can report that there is NO pain. So I'm assuming that it worked. Unless the pancreas is still asleep. Daughter Lisa accompanied me there. I made the mistake of eating on the way home. Not a good idea. They said I could but still.....I should have known better. But now that that worked itself out I feel really good. Thank God!

I have so much to do with what life is left to me and I don't want to spend it in pain from my cantankerous pancreas.

Again, I know there are so many people today suffering from different and difficult diseases I feel frivolous complaining. Yet anyone who has suffered with the pancreas knows it isn't a pain one wants.

So with that said, I'm off here to take R to the wound clinic. His wound is almost healed. We're taking grandson Chase with us. We'll do the grocery store on the way home for some much needed items and then to pick up pizza for the kiddies. Which I've heard is a much desired and loved dinner.

Hope that if you have grandbabies, no matter their age, that they are with you one day soon.

We're celebrating Father's Day here this sunday and we have so much to be thankful for. Not just that the kids still have their father, Raymond, but that R and I had father's that we still honor.

How are you spending your father's day.

Also Kindle Vada Faith will be free again on Father's Day for any who still want it.

I'm so proud of the paperback as well. Check it out at Amazon. My daughter Jill created the cover from a Big Stock photo. She did a great job.

Family!!! What would we do without there.

I'm off here to love on mine.


Happy Father's day to you and yours.

June 11, 2012


I'm excited to report that my book is complete and available at Amazon. I've waited a long time to hold that book in my hand and I have to say I was not disappointed when I received the first print copy. What a thrill.

This is a story I've worked on for ten long long years. It took that long to give birth to it.

I'm not disappointed. The writing and rewriting that went into it has paid off.

Now, perhaps when I read it over in this paper format I'll see mistakes and kick myself for not going over it one more time. But honestly I reviewed and reviewed it until the lines sentences words all become one big glop of black on a white page. I could no longer see mistakes, could barely even see the story. So I sent it to the press.

I'm praying that Vada Faith will shine and that I've made the story into one that is worth reading.

Right now I'm trying to complete the proofing of a book of short stories to get on Kindle this summer. I'm not making much progress.

I took time out to go to the West Virginia Writer's conference and it was worth the time and money and effort. What a fun time we had. It's always fun seeing old faces, making new friends and learning a few new writing tips.

What have you been into this summer? I've read very few blogs so this week I need to spend one afternoon doing just that.

I have a medical thingy at hospital on Weds and hoping after that is over that I'll feel much better and ready to tackle my work. Plus the triplets and their little brother will be here mid week. That means lots of chaos, fun, and craziness. Papa R and I love when they hit town. Our lives are topsy turvy for a few days. WE get exhausted literally and then they are gone in a whirlwind, leaving us missing them, sad that they are gone and picking up the pieces til next time.

Hope you are having some adventure in your lives. If you don't write, what do  you do when you have free time.  I don't get out much. SHARE please.

BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL. Have a great week.

From Rainy OHIO.

Below link to Vada Faith paperback.


June 6, 2012


In celebration of my birthday on June 8th, I will be giving away VADA FAITH free on Amazon, the ebook version  - both June 8 and 9th.

I'm excited to be giving it away again free. This is the most fun I've had in ages, doing this project.

That's what kind of life I have - boring - and now you know. Not much of one outside of writing and reading.

I'll be going to the West Virginia Writer's conference on those days and hope to see lots of my writer friends there.

It's always a fun time. Who can beat meeting new writers, talking about writing, attending workshops on writing, being in a park with all  the beauty of nature around me.

I'm not excited to be another year older, but then again I can get excited when I think of the alternative. I'm not yet DEAD.

I've had a great life. I have family that I love and who love me. What a blessing!

I have a craft that I enjoy. And that hopefully brings joy to others.

So with that said, here's a poem I wrote a few years ago that applies to me every time my computer goes on the blink. Hope you enjoy. Blessings to you. Enjoy whatever it is  you are doing this week.


Not enough memory
The computer screen read.

It was THE DAY
I’d come to dread.

I had more words
Than my system could handle.

I kicked it hard
With my old brown sandal.

The message blinked OFF
And, ON again fast.

I had to do something
My story wouldn’t last.

I saved it to disk-
And hoped it wouldn’t crash.

I did it quick -
All under a flash.

The machine gave a sigh,
Bid it’s final good bye.

Then, I went to the store
And bought more and more-

Computer, and hardware
And software galore.

I’d get myself going
I would I swore .

Even if it took me
A thousand bucks OR more.

(I should have titled this thank God for charge cards!)

June 3, 2012

West Virginia Writer's Conference/Vada Faith free, again...

I'm excited to be going to WV conference this year. While I don't have my paperbacks of Vada Faith - due now end of June - as I'd planned, I'm still pleased to be able to attend the event. I need a get away about now.

This year my writer buddy Jill Sanders is going along. That means we can talk writing, editing, reading etc. non stop for the two days we will attend.

I always love going back home to the mountain state for any reason. But somehow the trek to Ripley for this event means more than going home to me.

It means bringing what little talent I have as a writer and the few successes under my belt to share with my fellow West Virginians who also share my love of writing and reading.

Cedar Lakes where the conference is held is full of nature and wildlife and when I'm there I feel a sense of being one with the universe. Corny? Probably. True? Yes! An emphatic yes.

So as we who attend the conference get ready for this coming week end, I'll be thinking of those I'll see, of the classes I'll take, of the memories I'll make.

Do you attend a conference or workshop in your own area? Perhaps your talent is not in writing but in some other realm.

It's fun to go beyond our comfort zones and expand to learn something new about what we love to do.

I'm open this year to new friends and new ideas and to a great time at the conference.

Here's to you and whatever you are doing this coming week or week end.

In celebration of the conference and my birthday I'm giving Vada Faith away on June 8, and 9th.

If you haven't downloaded the book yet, please feel free to do so.