Kate Dooley Wins Copy of Vada Faith

Thanks to Kate Dooley, author and friend, for entering the book review contest I held for my novel Vada Faith.  She won a copy of the paperback of the novel for her lovely review. Here goes! And thanks, Kate.


I think one of the things I liked best about Vada Faith was the author's ability to turn a phrase. She took an old saw and sharpened it, time and again. The character wasn't "all thumbs", she was all fingers. That says so much!

I also loved that I knew the characters. It was like taking a peek into the lives of hometown folk, but in very unusual circumstances. Vada decides to be a surrogate mother, to the disapproval of nearly everyone she knows. She gets hate mail, is verbally assaulted by kinfolk and town folk alike, even debated about on television.

Even though the situation Vada Faith finds herself creating is quite unusual, her reactions, struggles, and soul searching are all things you and I would understand. I would have liked a less tied-up ending, but that's my own preference, an no reflection on the choices the author made.

You will love the book and if you're anything like me, won't be able to put it down. It's one that stayed with me long after I finished reading it. Sometimes, I still catch a glimpse of Vada Faith when I'm out and about.

I finished reading this book in the summer a week after I received it. ( not quite certain of the date. )

Kate Dooley


  1. Great review, Barbara. I am going to finish reading it, I promise. It is on my computer, though, and those books on my computer take a little longer for me to read, because I can't 'take' them with me where ever I go. What I have read thus far, I love!


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