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Free - Vada Faith - Free - Sept. 15 - Read it! Review it!

On September 15 my novel - Vada Faith - will be free on Kindle. People have categorized this story as chick lit, general fiction, contemporary fiction, light romance, mainstream, and women's fiction. As for me, I call it a relationship book though there is no such genre. It revolves around the surrogacy that main character, Vada Faith, becomes embroiled in. It pulls in every member of her family and the community. Some of the problems that arise are her own fault due to selfish decisions, others erupt simply from the circumstances she finds herself in - a verbal surrogacy agreement with a couple who end up being small time criminals - not a good idea from the get go. Does this couple want a baby? Yes! Desperately! Do they deserve one? We'll see. You'll travel the road with Vada Faith as she moves from her family to her husband's family to an appearance on a talk show, pleading her case for being a surrogate mother in the small town of Shady Creek, West Virginia. Is her husband happy about her predicament? Uh, no. Did she explain in depth what she was doing to her handsome husband, John Wasper Waddell, once the high school football hero. Find out when you read.
Don't forget the date, September 15th. Free from midnight to midnight at
Read it free and leave comments on Amazon. Then, send me your review at, my email. I'll post all the reviews on my blog.

Review is my new favorite word after writing and reading. Ah, reviews. Bring them on!

After all that work you'll need a little token, say a beautiful new author signed paperback of the novel Vada Faith, to the person who writes the best review. This does not mean the person who likes my book best. It will go to the person who writes the best review, whether it's a kind review or a negative one. Just a purely well written review. I'll have someone other than myself read and judge. Ummmm! I know! My English Professor friend, Liz. How does that sound?
She likes my stories but she likes well written sentences best!

Are you in???? Well I am and I'm excited. Now I need at least two reviews to make the judging legitimate so please go get those books free on Sept. 15. Read and then write a review. Review does not have to be that long. A few paragraphs. Oh, goody. More writing to read.


  1. I don't have any of the new fangled machines to download books. Wishing you a great sluice of downloads.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog~and commenting on the cowgirl post! I'm looking forward to reading your book. Sounds like a fun and interesting read.

  3. Yeah!! I'm in! I will be waiting for it!!! I finally broke down and got me a Kindle for Christmas. I love books, the way the feel and smell, and swore I would never get one of those electronic devils; but oh boy, are they ever so awesome, especially when traveling! All my books are always with me!

  4. I don't own a Kindle...can it still be downloaded on the computer? I keep thinking I should get one, but then I feel like I'm a traitor to paper. Then I realize a tree has just given it's life for that paper and I rethink my decision....still thinking about it! But it sounds like a fun giveaway! I read your previous post about getting more traffic on your blog and maybe this will help. I love reading your blog even though I'm not a writer.

  5. Neat contest, Barb. I bet you get lots of great reviews!

  6. Barbara - we would love to showcase your FREE book on - email me at It's a pay what you can service. We love to support authors.


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