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Help, I'm falling!

Help, I'm falling was just a title to get you over here. I have a dilemma. I want to revamp my blog and need suggestions. Since I have hardly anyone reading my blog, I realize I must make some changes or I'm never going to make it in the blogger world.

Since it's supposed to be a blog about writing and I've often strayed from my purpose for this blog, do you have any ideas? Change the title and change what I'm writing about???  Writing is only half of my life. The other half is filled with family, husband, daughters, three son in laws, eight grand children. All of those are important to me and I can't leave anyone out of my posts.

I've spent some time browsing other blogs and see lots of photos. I'm not very tech savvy and need to figure out how to put photos on here. How important are photos to you when checking out a blog post?

Another thing I'm seeing is giveaways. I love a good giveaway myself. Is that what draws you to a blog? Are you looking to get a giveaway? And what kind of giveaways do you like best???

I have no idea about any of this. I only know I need to bring some change to my blog.

Why are you prompted to read one blog over another? I know from experience that we get to know certain bloggers and like to check back from time to time to see how they are faring. I love Margaret Dilloway's blog and always read it. But then I notice she does not have a lot of readers. HOW do we get readers, those of you who are successful at this?

And last but not least what if anything do you like about my blog? Do you like the short stories? Do you want to hear about family or my writing struggles or both??? Or NONE? I want the truth here.

Thanks for giving me some ideas on how to improve my blog.

I haven't posted lately because I've been soul searching about whether to continue with the blog or just throw in the towel. I have the time to post. I'm just bored by my own blog. And if I'm bored I figure you are too.

Please leave a comment if you read this and give me some help here!

Many thanks! Have a good one. Blessings to all.


  1. Barbara! part 1
    No one reads??? You have 91 followers! I too have 91 BUT I've been Blogging for 5 years. I use to get Blog Envy something terrible. Why can't I get comments? What is so special about "her" Blog??? So silly!
    Everyone has a different reason for writing a blog and reading a blog.
    For me, I started to relieve some stress... and I discovered I was "normal". It was exhilarating to find out there were woman... just like me! with the same feelings... likes... dislikes... and even skeletons.
    These women (& a few men) that I felt a bond with became my strength. They gave me courage to continue... to go deeper.
    If you go deep into my Blog you will see that I "carefully" expose my soul. I exposed some dysfunction, some depression, some tears, and laughter. I am not ashamed of who I am and how I got here. Obviously, not everyone agrees or likes my business, but I have found a niche. And this niche has been good to me. There were times when I was more passionate in my writing, times where I just needed to vent, and times when I got too busy. I have been away much lately for a few reasons... mostly because of losing my Mom, and dealing with the busy new task of caring for my father. As well as work... I have to be careful what I write because I work with children... And I am constantly being watched.
    But, Im back. I am making it a priority because I like how it helps me. A good friend of mine is on her third fiction novel. She recently encouraged me and praised me. She praised me! How extraordinary. I may not be a grand writer, but, to those who like my thoughts and writings, well, I have learned its good enough for me.
    Okay... enough about ME!

  2. part 2...
    Barbara~ I love your blog. I enjoy reading your stories, your thoughts.. I prefer your real life post.. only because that is what interest me here in Blog World... what each is experiencing and thinking. I would love some pictures to go along with your blog postings... maybe some sideline pictures of you & your loves, your passions. I use to change my backgrounds and sidebars quite a bit. Now I found the background that fits me to a tee (from I still pop buttons and gadgets changing it up a bit. I have a constantly changing Reading list, I just ended my 50 to do before Im 50 bucketlist... I have a colck, a timeline to an upcoming event, I have fairy dust... A lot of fluff. But not to make others happy... To make me happy. I use to use a playlist that would play my favorite music when visitor would pop over... some of my friends hated it as it was distracting to them. I changed it to click IF you want to here... but then took it down eventually (I read several blogs that still use and I do love to listen while I read). As far as give-aways... I do entry some, not all... They don't necessarily lure me in, although I do like them! Won a biggy once! I like entering the ones that don't make me add their button, and jump through hopes... just let me enter by commenting. I LOVE participating in events that make me have a little something to send to someone and receive from another. So fun! I also enjoy being challenged to pay it forward in random ways. Creative. I love blogs that pour their hearts out, make me laugh and teach me how. I love going on pictorial tours... Lori from is FABULOUS about this. I love feeling the love and proudness of a Mother/Grandmothers joy and I love a Dogs journey at
    If you are interested in jazzing up your Blog's look, I suggest The Shabby Blog, The Cutest Blog on the Block and Hot Bliggity Blog.
    Just explore... express yourself♥ OR keep it the way you have it. Either way, I will continue to follow.
    ps... one more thing... IF you link from Facebook and or Twitter, it gives you more exposure thus more readers. Also TAGS!!!! If you tag/label your postings... people find you through google. For example.. A childhood friend of mine that I hadn't heard from in 30+ years, was bored on a business trip one night. googled our high school, which showed a link to a post I did about something from high school... we rekindled an old friendship and reconnected. I once goggled Alzheimer's and found a wonderful blog written by a woman that cares for her father. We lean on each other now with advice and enlightenment.

  3. maybe I should have just emailed you! lol

    1. Janet you just made me feel wonderful. Good grief I never dreamed anyone was even reading what I was writing much less liking it much. You've given me brand spanking new encouragement. I'll be over to check on you but now I must read my other comments. Oh, so excited. Bless you for leaving such heartfelt comments.

  4. Wow! How can I follow Janis's comments? Ha ha! Everyone goes through the, "Do I Really Want to Continue Blogging?" feeling. I go through this at LEAST twice a month! Sometimes I think that it is taking up too much of my time. I should be doing something else. I post an average of 4-5 times a week. That's a LOT to me!

    I try to change things up all the time. I change my header monthly. I change the background maybe every two months. Is this a good thing? Who knows!

    Some people write short and sweet blurbs every day. They seem to have a lot of followers. I can't seem to shut my mouth; thus my posts tend to be longer. I DO have 200+ followers, but numbers don't mean anything. I average about 6-8 comments per post. Everyone is busy!

    You should change your blog to make YOU happy. If you want to write about more subjects than just writing, then I would definitely change the name of your blog. You could always have different tabs along the top - if that particular post is about writing, then it would be accessible under the "writing" tab. I don't know how specific you want to get. If that would be your only subject tab or if you added others.

    As far as pictures go - some blogs have them, some don't. What EVER you feel comfortable with!

    1. This makes a lot of sense Pat. I so appreciate you responding and making me feel good about what I am doing. You are an inspiration as I love your blog.
      Bless you girlfriend.

    2. Pat Im going to pop over & visit you♥

  5. Hi Barb. Looks like you got a lot of advice already. I've thought about quitting before, too. I don't post as much as I used to, I just don't have the time. I don't want to post just to be posting, either. Of course, I'm a writer, so I like your writing posts. When I had combined my two blogs, I designated every Wednesday to my writing posts, that way I always made it a point to blog about writing on Wednesdays. Now, I've went back to having both blogs. I think a good idea would be to set a schedule of posting on certain days, that way your followers would know when to expect a post from you. (This is something I keep saying I am going to do, but haven't yet)By the way, posting pictures is easy. Just put a picture you want to post on your blog on your desktop. When you are writing your blog post, click on the little picture on the tool bar above your post, it will say insert image. A box comes up, click on choose files and another box comes up. Find the picture on your desktop and click on it and push open, it will download, then select and add it to your post. It is kinda self explanatory and easy once you do it a few times.

    1. Thanks for tip on the photos. I need to do more of this as I think it adds so much to a story.
      I have lots of photos that would work too.
      I like your idea of having a designated day to post about writing. This has given me new insight into what I can do. Thanks so much. Blessings!

    2. I love her designate days idea. I have friends that have more than one blog. I have a private 2nd one but rarely write there.

  6. Barb, there is much good advice in these comments. I think a blog should a personally developed outlet that makes the writer happy. Do we write to gain readers, or do we write to just write? Having readers is great, but sometimes, just the act of writing is good for the soul. I think that is why I started a blog. I had no idea anyone would actually read it.

    Like you, I struggle with the emphasis I should make in my blog. Since I am a people person, I write to connect to people. I do this by writing what is on my heart. I wish I were more committed to writing on a theme or topic, and I wish I were organized enough to post on certain days etc. I am just a blogger who writes when the spirit moves me. I also am thinking of revamping my blog this fall. Who know where this journey will take me.

    I enjoy your posts. Keep on writing about those things about which you want to write. Do what is fulfilling to you.

    1. Such good advice, to write from the heart. Sometimes I over think things and that's the case here, I'm afraid. I wanted to please everyone and forgot about pleasing myself. Which is how I will form my next few blogs. I was in such a rut and everytime I tried to post I could not think of one thing to say. It seemed a mountainous task. Now I believe I'm ready get on the blogger trail once more.
      Thanks and blessings!

  7. The title caught my eye (on Whispering Pines bloglist) and you stated everything I have been wondering. I really started my blog for the purpose of journaling, but since opening up my blog to others, I find that I am enjoying reading other blogs so much, that I want to have other people read mine, but don't want followers just for the sake of having more. I think you understand. I intend to just hang in there and I will add you to my blogger list.

  8. I started writing because I want to leave this world a better place for the future generations. Whenever there is a concern that catches my eyes I write and writing is cathartic for me. Lately though I have not written a lot.
    If you write from your heart I bet you there will be life and people like to read things that inspire them. I still have to buy your book. Some day I will.

  9. Munir so good to hear from you. So happy you are still on here. And do write something so I might read your blog.
    Take care of you. Blessings, Barb

  10. Hi!

    If you find a way to get readers let me know. I have 240 followers, but few read my blog. It took a year long break, so that had something to do with it. I think for me, it's writing about something unusual or unique that's happened to you or something you saw.

    It's really difficult to write about our boring day, and still get people to want to read about our day (unless you have a stalker).

    For the most part, I write for me. Although, I do love to have comments. I do love to be read. It's an outlet. I try to keep things interesting and only write when I feel something would be a good blog post.

    I think you should write about what makes you happy. If you want more readers, maybe once in a while throw in a controversial topic. I noticed that I get readers when I start visiting their blogs.

    I leave a witty comment, hoping that someone else will read it, and want to visit my blog and like what they see.

    I have changed mine a few times. I stayed away from it being a mommy blog (although, I am a mom), and posting too much about my daughter. My life is not that exciting. LOL

    My weightloss for me, seemed the most logical reason to gear my blog towards to, since it's what I'm going through, and I feel many people could relate.

    Everyday funny things, people can relate.

    Giveaways are a good way to gain followers, the themed linky's are also a good way to attract readers. But mainly visiting other blogs, and leaving a witty comment is what has helped me.

    But in the end, Barb, it's the same ones who will always come back read no matter what you post. :-)

  11. Lluvia,
    Every word is true. I always enjoy your blog as well. And I miss hearing about Emma (give her a hug for this old grandma). But that said, I've been busy the past 6 mos with hubby's health issues and have not gotten around to blogs like I used to. That will change now that fall is here.
    I did publish my book, check it out. Vada Faith, now on Kindle and as paperback. That has been a lifetime goal for me and I will cherish that forever.
    Be well and continue to keep us smiling with your blog. I loved the last one! B
    PS I learned that lots of people read our blogs but do not comment when I check out the real numbers.

  12. designs sites and blog headers. She may have some tips. She has over five hundred followers.

  13. HI Barb– I've just gotten back to your blog after being away. Love reading it! You're so good about opening your heart, so don't stop blogging!
    I'd like to start a blog myself, but I need to come up with a theme I could find something to say about at least once a week. Am getting a few ideas, but still unsure–or should I say too chicken to get started.


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