Update on Vada Faith/Hungry for Chocolate...

In case I have not told you, I changed my book title again. It had been simply VADA FAITH for years. Then I thought that wasn't fancy enough and I changed the title to HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLATE, because she made that statement early on in the story.

However, when I started reviewing book covers, I could not find one that fit with the story and the title. It was then that I realized the story and title both  belonged to the main character Vada Faith.

Plus I found several covers that seemed to fit her to a tee. I emailed those to daughter Jill and she found the perfect one and mocked it up for me. I love it. It is so the story and the characters. So the title and the cover were meant to be. As was this story.

After the cover was in my hands, I decided I needed to get the story copyrighted. I did that online and I am here to tell you it was easy. And it was inexpensive  - $35 online. I believe if you get it through the mail it's $65. I have a budget for this project and so far I'm way under!

I started setting up my account on Amazon for when I'm ready to upload the book.

I'm doing last minute edits. Pulling some hair out yes, as there are still a few mistakes. HOW COULD THERE BE??? I don't know but there are.

I have a professional who will format my manuscript into a Kindle ebook when I have it ready. Also a Mobi whatever that is. I'm still in the learning phase.

I'm keeping a log of every step I take so that when I do it again, I'll know how. YES, I do plan to do this again. If all goes well I plan to convert my book of short stories into an ebook.  

And then there is a follow up book using Vada Faith's family again. I do love these people and so happy that we can spend time together again, at my desk just them and me with plenty of coffee and tea.

Hope whatever you are doing is making you as happy as I am right now.



  1. Sounds like you are having a great time getting your book ready to be published. I'm anxious to see the cover.

  2. This is great. My family's and my best wishes for your adventure. I am sure you must have had a lot of fun along with the hard work. I don't blame you for wanting to write more. Good going:)

  3. Ooh, love to hear the details of self-publishing, Barb - thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to more insights as you move along in the process.

    And best of luck with it :)

  4. How exciting! What a great idea to keep a journal/log of this process. I can think of many times I wish I had done that in my life!

    Anxious to hear more news soon!

  5. This is all exciting. A dream that's coming through into reality. I'm so glad you're making Vada's dream come true.

  6. I love Hungry For Chocolate!!!!

    Sometimes, things just fall into place.

    Congratulations on your continually forward success.

  7. Oh I know however many times I read my book it seems I always find another typo. So annoying! But that's what my crit partners are for, finding all those mistakes my eyes can't see any more.

  8. What glorious joy! To be published. Doubts always linger but your faith gives confidence to other writers.

    Best to You!


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