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Author Jane Porter's Workshop

Today I went to a workshop in Columbus featuring author Jane Porter. She's written a number of books including Flirting with Forty which was made into a television movie by Sony and aired on Lifetime in 2008. Filmed in Seattle and Hawaii Jane  visited the set and spoke to the stars, Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley. Wow!

I'm excited to read the book, Flirting. Everyone was given a free copy, a nice canvas red tote that says READ on it plus pens, bookmarks, a mini note pad. Great giveaways.

The best part of the workshop was listening to Jane. She's a powerful speaker, she says because she once taught seventh graders and she may be right. However, my opinion is she is such an interesting personality we all held onto each word she said.

Some of what she said, I already knew. It never hurts to hear something twice, especially writing advice. And twice again after that. Eventually it sinks in.

Her topics included voice and market advice. Writing smart, writing well and writing to sell.

She covered tight dialogue. This was meaningful to me as I believe I can tighten my dialogue and get rid of some he said, she saids.

We discussed selling to Hollywood, mostly she shared that once you sell, they do what they want with your book. The matter is mostly out of your hands. But the nice check is all yours.

She talked about how emotion powers up our stories. I agree totally. If a book can make me laugh or cry, I'm in.

Jane writes mainstream as well as short contemporary. I write mainstream and could never write short contemporary, the way I feel right now.

For me it was a delightful day that started with a pajama party the night before with good friend Sherry. We stayed up late, talked writing, giggled, ate and drank and played on the computer. Then we did it all over again.

It was a gift I gave myself. A gift I enjoyed from the moment it started and will continue to enjoy over the coming months as I work on my own stories.

Just to let  you know, I'll be back soon with more information on my own publishing endeavors as I go about getting my book Vada Faith on Kindle at Amazon.

Please stay tuned! God bless.


  1. So happy that it worked out for you to go to the workshop today, and to spend time with Sherry last night. You deserve to do these things much more often than you get to... Love you!!

  2. Sounds wonderful. Great idea to treat yourself.

  3. Oh sounds like such a great time. I'm so jealous.

  4. What a wonderful thing to do for yourself! I am really looking forward to hearing all about your adventures getting published on Amazon Kindle. This is such good news -- I'm all smiles for you!!

  5. So glad you were able to make it! I don't know whether to envy your going to the workshop or the "pajama party" with Sherry. There's something special about late night sharings . . .

  6. We had such a great time, just girl talking and of course writing talk. She's doing well with her two books, THREE MOONS OVER SEDONA and ISLAND PASSAGE.
    I can't wait to get VF on e books!

  7. This sounds like a lot of fun! I love workshops of almost any type! I agree, it's fine to hear things I already know, as it sinks in better each time. And learning new things is so energizing!
    I'm looking forward to hearing more about your publishing adventures!

  8. Oh what a grand opportunity girl!!! This is somethin' this Ozark Farm Chick would just adore doin' but heck, I'm stuck right smack in the middle of Nowhere USA!!!

    I'm thrilled you got to do this. Woohoo!!!

    From the happy rainy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful day now...ya hear!!! :o)

  9. that workshop sounds great. I am anxiously waiting for the writer's conference in June.

  10. What a wonderful experience! There's nothing quite like the inspiration of a really good workshop and time spent with friends. I hope your muse is refreshed and rarin' to go now.

  11. I've seen that movie..a couple of times..and I think it's great that you were able to meet the author and learn new tips. I wish you luck with your book..I can't wait to see it on TV too! And I hope you can enjoy a nice check to go with it!


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