Nov. is Writing Month...

Since I spent Aug/Sept sick and so far Oct. has been spent doing birthday/grandchildren things and catching up on the necessities of life, I've proclaimed November as writing month for me. The entire month. Every day. Well, Sunday off for church and cooking or whatever.

Nothing is allowed to get in my way except something of extreme importance. Emergency dental work etc.

I look forward to beginning on the first of the month and making as much progress as possible by the end.

I have several projects that I have in mind to work on as well as the KILL ME project. I find I have to give myself some freedom to move between projects. Otherwise, I freeze up. There's the fear of that anyway. My writing seems very precarious presently.

I may seek out some old stories. I left behind some characters that are worthy of saving from life in the back of a dark desk drawer.

And then there's the sequel to HUNGRY FOR CHOC. titled SWEET BABY JAMES who is about an abduction. Baby still hasn't been saved from the old women that took him.

So I have my work cut out for me in the coming months.

Right now we're leaving for a few days vacation to enjoy the fall foilage through the midwest and to visit the triplets and their little brother plus our daughter and her husband.

By Nov. 1, I'll be ready to commit. I should be refreshed and raring to go.

I joined NANOWRIMO and hope I can adhere to their schedule. I don't know that I'll submit what I've written as I may go between projects but if you have not checked out the novel writing in the month of Nov. check it out.

Blessings to you and yours!


  1. Enjoy your vacation and happy writing!

  2. What a great and wonderful idea!

    I need to do that - I have deadlines that will sneak up on me and have me going NOOO AUUUGGGHH! The last couple of months I've not been able to work on the novel as I should be by now - lawd - so, I should do as you are doing! Proclaim the next six months as writing only months (laugh-yeah, six....huhngghrrnn)

  3. Good for you, both the vacation and the November goals. Enjoy them both.

  4. good luck on your writing and getting back into gear. I need to get moving and get into gear, too. Seems like I haven't gotten much accomplished lately.


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