Climbing outside the writing box...

This week I've tried without success to get back into the story KILL ME OR DRIVE ME TO FL. First I read over parts of the story. I climbed into the car with this group going to Florida and it was stifling. Nobody would say or do anything. Nobody moved. Not even mouthy Daisy.

I was ready to chalk it up to another failed story attempt.

Then I started thinking. First I took myself outside the car, outside the box I'd written these people into.

I woke up thinking about the characters one day. I still didn't have anything to write. That night I went to sleep thinking about the story.

The next morning it hit me. These four characters had lives before they got into that car and that's where I had to start.

At that moment ideas started jumping out at me.

And with that I was/am back on track.

I keep having to re learn everything I've learned about writing in the 20+ years I've been at it.

Sometimes I think I'm not meant to write a novel length story. Or am I?

I've accomplished other writing forms.
And I'm not giving up on this one.

Hope you are staying on track and often climbing out of the box to see what the past, present, future holds for your characters.

Happy Writing.


  1. Characters are your strength, Barb, and these are no exception. I'm sure once you put their lives together, they'll tell their story for you. Can't wait to read what they have to say!

  2. Thanks Liz. My most constant and strong trait is my own self criticism, as you know. I often freeze my writing because of self editing. You can't edit until you know what you've got - the whole story. I'm still struggling with that concept, after all these years. I miss getting together monthly and discussing these things that impair our writing.

  3. Of course you're meant to write this story. Otherwise the characters wouldn't have been so persistent in their attempts to get you to understand them better.

  4. I'd not thought of that. Thanks, Deb! Need all the encouragement I can get.

  5. I've haven't read any of your stories, but from what I know about you, you are a very good writer. You have wonderful characters. Wish I knew how to write about a memorable character. Remember, you did place at the WVWriter's Conference. I'm glad you are not giving up. I need to take your advice and not give up on my story, too. I am in the process of editing it again, but need to go at a little higher speed.


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