Inspiration for Writing Found on the Road...

Amazingly enough, I found some inspiration along the highway coming to Wisconsin.
Could it be the time I had to think? Or was it the quiet novel we listened to on the way? Or, the long stretches of road? Or the time to talk to R without interruptions or chores.

Whatever it was, I found myself thinking of several stories I'd like to write. Not going to say a thing about them here because I've learned that talking about a story before it's written can give it the only life it needs and when one starts to write the story it folds in on itself. This is true for me, at least.

Raymond and I were reliving some funny events that took place in the fifties in our families and all of a sudden, I could visualize my characters having these experiences. When this happens you need to run for pen and paper or pencil and napkin or whatever.

I jotted down ideas on the back of our map and when I get home I can give them some body.

It's good to take a vacation. Especially driving in the car for eight hours. It's not only stimulating for that "I'm away from home happiness gene" but it also gives the mind rest from daily stresses.

For me it's been a much needed break, going to see our daughter and her family, and the added bonus of finding my creative "self" along the way.

Hope that you will take a day soon to find your creative self. Whether it's away from home, at the library for an afternoon of thinking and browsing, or a long walk in the woods. It all works the same. Get away from the busyness that you wrap yourself in daily and let your mind wander.

Blessings to you and yours and may your creative self always be present. Take the time to hit the road for some R & R.


  1. Love this essay. We travel a lot, as you know, and it is wonderful to have time to talk, meditate, read, listen to books, and overall relax. (Unless you're in traffic going over the George Washington Bridge, but that's another story!) I'm finding possible publishers for "Pairs . . " and feeling recharged myself. Have a great trip.

  2. My creative self seems to wake me in the middle of the night...if I don't make good notes, it floats away with the morning light.

  3. I learn something new daily about this writing life I've chosen. Even at this age.
    It's good to know others are traveling the same path.

  4. So glad your muse found you on the road. I think it was Julia Cameron who said she loves to get in her car and drive, that the spaciousness of that is where she's most inspired. There's nothing like movement and a change of scenery for blowing away cobwebs.

  5. I love it when the ideas come to me. I'm sure your ideas will make a great story. I, too, have to write them down or I will forget. We haven't taken a vacation this year and we so need one.

  6. Barb.. Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving such warm compliments.
    I will have to come back and see what topics your writing about on my next I visit. I just love reading and getting inspiration for others. Isn't life grand?
    Until next time Happy Trails :)

    Sorry I just had to delete my first post... I saw some blaring mistakes in there!! Scary to make so many mistakes especially when your a writer!! :O)


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