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Thanks for reading my post about the mining accident. I appreciate all the comments about my dad. And prayers for the miners.

Losing my father at an early age is a subject close to my heart and I realized as I went over my WIP that my little Daisy has no father - I'll be able to put all my pent up emotions to use when I write that part of my story.

I can't even think the word "father" without having a whole gamut of emotions, a flood of tears and all. Strange isn't it to miss something you don't remember having.

I'm sure that not having a father in my life, made me choose someone older to marry. I've always felt secure and protected by my husband.

Any thoughts on how we choose our life partners?

Let's pray they find the miners soon, whatever the outcome. The families need to bring them home.



  1. I agree that we choose a life partner based on someone that makes us feel safe. I not only feel physically safe, but mentally safe as well - if that even makes sense! Jason knows my every quirk, and accepts me for the emotional mess that I am at times. He loves me for me, and not for what I am to him. I think that your story this time is really going to help you get some of your own emotions out in your writing. I can't wait to read more!!

  2. I think our parents do have a great influence over our choice of mate.
    Still praying for the miners.

  3. I just heard that the rescue team had to retreat from the mine again. I pray that the miners left in there found their way to safety.

  4. I pray for their recovery too, Janet. What a tragedy. I cannot imagine the horror of not knowing.


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