What does candy have to do with Easter? A lot!

It's the day before Easter Sunday and I ate all the Easter candy, including 24 small chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, and a bag of fruity jelly beans.
I went to the corner mini mart this afternoon to avoid going into town and bought a bag of small Hersheys bars for the kiddies tomorrow and a bag of fruity jelly beans, the good ones. The Hershey bars are almost gone already - I knew I shouldn't have opened them. I only had one but fed them to the grandkids who were helping R work in the yard. They did a super job and I owe them more than a candy bar. I did give them lunch as well. So, now, what to do for candy tomorrow when the kiddies come?
I hope Susan makes a WalMart run this evening. I can usually count on her.

I'm wondering what your favorite candy is for a holiday or just for every day.
My blogging buddy from the farm, Gail, said she loves malted milk balls. I do too.
I'm trying to find a candy I do not love just to stock and have in the house when we have the kids over. So far everything currently being made is my very most favorite.

I've been on a writing hiatus since getting two entries in for the WV writers contest Mar. 31. I love the feeling that comes after being so productive.

I've been shopping, cooking, cleaning for tomorrow when we'll have dinner for the family. Yesterday, I actually helped with pulling weeds, my least favorite thing in the world to do. AND I cleaned the grill until it looks like a new one. I had grease from head to toe. Insane? Probably. I doubt anyone will see that since we aren't grilling, or know or care that the yard is spruced, or that I cleaned all the floors and dusted the furniture - most of it anyway. The pieces visible.

That's the fun of having people over. When they ask what you've been doing you can always say, "Nothing." Then, "Right."

That's it. Just want to report that R and I are working our way through the FRIENDS episodes. Seasons 1-10. WE are now on nine. Season eight was a hoot for some reason, funnier than most. Last winter we worked our way through the series, The Gilmore Girls. If you haven't watched that series you must. It's heartwarming. I was sad when we watched the last episode. It's full of interesting characters for those of you who create characters and the town itself is a wonderful character.



  1. I LOVE Gilmore Girls! They played daily reruns of it consecutively on ABC Family, and it started right after I hurt my wrist and had to stay out of work. I watched one episode a day, and I just watched the series finale about a month ago. Great show. Lorelai and Luke are one of those special couples...

    I LOVE Cadburry eggs, and since they only come out once a year...I go crazy! I also like malted milk balls. Other than that, not a huge candy person.

  2. Giant licorice allsorts. :o)

  3. I actually won the jar filled with candy at work on Friday, so I have an assortment of jelly beans, chocolate, and malted milk balls.

    Have you been renting Friends through NetFlix? I've watched so many complete TV series that way.

    Thanks for following & encouraging me!

  4. Horehound Candy is an aquired taste and should stay in the candy bowl for a while.

    However, I do like it, so it may not be safe either.

  5. It would be hard for me to find a candy to have on hand that I do not like. I love cadbury eggs! I usually stock up on them after Easter when they are on clearance. I'm not that crazy about jelly beans so those would be good for me to have around the house, because I wouldn't eat many of them. I never was really a fan of Friends. I loved the Waltons and have many of their seasons on DVD. I guess I kind of compare myself to John Boy since he liked writing about family and so do I.

  6. I love chocolate eggs, and I don't pay attention to the brand.

    I used to love malted milk balls. When I was a kid I inhaled Whoppers.

  7. Sad that we didn't get to spend Easter at home with you guys, but we did have a nice day here with the kids! My Easter favorites are Cadbury eggs, and the Whoppers Robins eggs....But like you, I don't think I have ever met a candy that I didn't like. Love you!


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