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Celebrating Orange Shoe Day...

I celebrated Orange Shoe Day yesterday by wearing my new orange strappy heels, jeans, and my orange tank top. It seemed the least I could do in their honor - was give them their very own day. Besides, once they're placed in my closet next to 22 other pairs of shoes they'll become ordinary. Or maybe not. Certainly, their brightness will cast a glow on the other residents in my closet. Plain beige, brown, and black shoes.

I was given my orange strappy heels by Katrin, my new YA friend from Germany. I felt I needed to give my new shoes a warm welcome and what better way to pay tribute to them than by by wearing them, proclaiming the day Orange Shoe Day, and turning an otherwise ordinary day into something special. Now, all orange shoes have a day of their own.

I feel pretty spectacular in them too. No matter that other things in my life were falling apart. All I had to do was look downward at my toes peeking out of those orange straps and I smiled. The sun shone brighter. The clouds were puffier. The sky was bluer. At least from where I sat at my computer in my orange shoes, that was so.

What I learned from my experience yesterday basically was how to turn lemons into lemonade. The day wasn't going so well. I needed a lift, and there were those orange shoes sitting on the floor looking, well, just looking very orange and bright. And they made me smile. So the rest is history.

We have the ability to be happy or sad. So do something today to give your day a lift.
Be it orange shoes or a sweet Florida orange to eat. Smile. And think of me in my orange shoes!



  1. I'd love to see a picture of those orange shoes! What a happy post...thanks!

  2. I agree...would love to see a picture of the shoes to go along with this story. I think you are out of control!! :-) I completely agree though, even something as simple as a pair of shoes can make my day go better. We need to do more of those little things to make ourselves happy. I do things for the kids all the time, but forget about making myself happy. thanks for the reminder!

  3. I don't which amazes me more - the fact that you have orange shoes or that you have 22 pairs of them! I think I have three pairs...
    I will do something fun today.

  4. 22 is about the average for a woman in the US. In my head, anyway. I have several pairs of high heels but none as cute as the orange ones. I bet you don't put your shoes in order by color and style either. And I doubt you call them cute.
    Thanks for all the comments. I'm just sad that I can't put up a pic of my new shoes. I don't know how. Ah, I do have one failing!
    I'm not tech savvy!!

  5. Hooray for Orange Shoe Day!

    In college I owned a pair of orange boots with glow-in-the-dark soles (can you believe that I bought them off the clearance rack?) I remember walking through the parking garage one evening and a fellow student (a guy) shouted something about my daring fashion choice. I can't believe I ever got rid of those shoes.

  6. Love the vision of those orange shoes! Snappy choice: orange shoes and orange tank top. Great way to pump up the day and smile.

  7. Love your story. I bought a pair of red patent shoes this spring--a real change from my usual beige, black or white. What a lift it gives me when I wear them! So maybe I should proclaim a "red shoe day."
    Speaking of special days. I'm within two pages of finishing my Marjory rewrite. Will send you a draft soon. Yay!!!

  8. Sounds like you enjoyed your orange shoes. Maybe you should make it a point to wear them whenever you are feeling down. By the way, if you have a digital camera it is very easy to post pictures on your site. Just down load the picture to your desktop and click on the little insert picture icon when you are writing your post and browse for the picture and up load it. And about your comment on grammar on the RT. Grammar is not my strong point, I have a sister who reads my blog posts and comments about the grammar mistakes I make. She says she would not mention it if it wasn't for the fact that I claim to be a writer. I just bite my tongue and tell her that is what Word and editors are for :)


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